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Good Morning Party People! 🎉

It’s the last week of Summer. We can’t believe it. As Fall looms ahead, The Party must go on (it’s always Summer when you’re reading The Office Party).

Here’s what we got today:

👓 VR training is IN

🤑 Let’s talk money

👥 This company is going on a hiring spree…

🎙️ DJ/CEO big mad about WFH

And, of course, MEMES!

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VR Training is The Future?

Let’s be real. Corporate training is a complete drag. You log on to some platform and click through the videos and quizzes as fast as possible. When it’s over, you’ve effectively learned nothing.

VR might just change that…

“51% of companies are either in the process of integrating VR into strategy, or have already built VR into at least one dedicated line of business. 34% percent say that one of the biggest metaverse benefits they currently enjoy or foresee is “a more effective way to develop and train our people”

According to the study, 30% of surveyed companies are integrating VR into their strategies.

Here are some quick facts on VR training:

  1. Employees can be trained 4X faster with VR

  2. VR learners are more confident in what they’ve learned

  3. Employees are more connected to VR training content

  4. VR learners are more focused

  5. VR learning is cost-effective

Another company is also using VR to train recent college grads.

Boring ol’ training is out. VR training is IN.

For more, read PWC’s VR Study.

Let’s Talk Money

Employees want better communication about compensation.

If you’re a people leader at a startup that’s feeling concerned about trying to keep up with wage inflation being propelled by bigger companies with deeper pockets, here’s some news:

More transparent money conversations can counterbalance lower pay.

Surprisingly, when employers explained reasons for lower wages, 82% of surveyed workers remained content.

So what’s the fix?

  1. Create a compensation philosophy.

  2. Decide how much of that philosophy you’re willing to communicate.

Want to learn what approach some other startups are taking? Check out CandorIQ for a free consultation.

Hiring Spree?! In This Economy?!

It has been the year of the layoff. Especially in tech (232,600 let go in 2023). But Miami tech company Kaseya is zigging when others are zagging. The Miami-based IT & Security Management platform is hiring 100 people per month and they aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

The company is expanding on its own, but it also struck a deal with Miami-Dade County to create jobs.

“The company will receive up to $4.56 million in incentives if it creates 3,400 full-time jobs paying an average of $107,000. It has three years to do it”

Here are some other interesting points about Kaseya’s hiring plans:

  • The company is 100% in-office

  • They’re primarily hiring for sales, software engineers, marketing, finance, and HR

  • The average salary is $107,000

  • They’re hiring people without degrees

Kaseya also recently made headlines for acquiring the naming rights to the Miami Heat arena for $117M (formerly FTX Arena - which didn’t last too long!).

Very interesting experiment between Kaseya and Miami-Dade. “Bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ‘em”.

Read more here.

CEO/DJ Mad About WFH…

Goldman Sachs is the latest company to issue an RTO (Return-To-Office) mandate. The banking conglomerate is now asking for workers to return to the office five days a week.

This policy is more strict than most others, as Zoom, Amazon, Google, and more have begun calling workers back into the office at least part-time. When Zoom starts calling people back into the office, that’s when you should start to worry…

However, nearly 50% of workers say they would quit if a full-time RTO policy was instituted at their company.

The policy is a bit hypocritical as Goldman's CEO, David Solomon frequently DJs at nightclubs in New York, Miami, and The Bahamas. Rules for thee and not for me.

Yes, this is actually the CEO of Goldman Sachs

Solomon is also in hot water after some comments he recently made, plus reporting the firm’s lowest quarterly profits in 3 years.

WFH was drastically accelerated by the pandemic. But the pendulum is swinging back for in-office work.

Read more on Goldman’s policy here.

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