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50% of HR Pros Are Monitoring AI Tools

Are you sick of hearing about AI yet? We are. But strap in, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

It’s important to stay up-to-date with this new, emerging technology. Especially as it pertains to the workplace.

(how many times do you see this on social media every day?)

Candidates are becoming increasingly skeptical of the use of AI in the hiring process. They fear that they’ll be unjustly disqualified from opportunities. HR Leaders share a similar concern, but many are also using AI to improve hiring.

“Almost one-third (32%) of HR leaders say they’re already using generative AI during the hiring process while a further 48% are considering using it. A significant percentage – 62% – believe that AI can help them hire the best candidate”

Many leaders in the HR space are keen on using AI for assistance but do not want to give it decision-making capabilities (probably a good idea).

Just like any other new technological breakthrough, eventually, there will be regulation. For now, it’s the wild west.

Read more here.

JOLTS Report is Bussin’

Layoffs continue to cool down. And the June JOLTS report was bullish for the labor market.

Here are some key data points:

  • Job openings outnumber workers by a ratio of 1.6 to 1

  • The quits rate remains above pre-pandemic levels

  • Hiring rate and total openings are at their lowest rates in two years

  • The layoff rate remained at 1% in Q2

These are mostly positive indicators for the job market. The tech industry, on the other hand, has had a brutal year. But even tech has seen a steady decline in layoffs since January.

What goes up, must come down. The worst of the layoffs appear to be behind us.

For more on the JOLTS report, check out Indeed Hiring Lab.

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Remote Work in a Post-COVID World

COVID (obviously) drastically increased the WFH trend. But recently, WFH has fallen off harder than Ellen DeGeneres. Days worked from home are now down to 28% in the first half of 2023.

These major companies have recently issued return-to-office mandates:

  • Amazon

  • Apple

  • Google

  • JPMorgan

  • Meta

  • Twitter (X?)

Below is the current breakdown of in-office, hybrid, and remote work.

The WFH trend was increasing, even BC (before COVID). In general, employees want remote work. But companies want their employees back in the office. It will be interesting to continue to monitor the trend moving forward.

Read WFH Research for more.

New I-9 Form Just Dropped

The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) just published an updated Form I-9.

I-9s are used to verify employees’ identity and employment authorization.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The updated Form I-9 allows for alternative verification processes

  • The previous edition of the form will be accepted through October 31, 2023

  • The new form will expire in 2026

The alternative verification process could help employers save on costs such as staffing individual worksites with employees who are familiar with the I-9 process or using vendors to complete physical document examination”

Read more at HRDive.

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