🎉 50% of workers would quit over WHAT?! ❌

PLUS: Google to pay $8.4 million in settlement

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Here’s what we got today:

Nearly 50% of people would quit if…

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💸 Google has to pay up

👨🏻‍💼 Talent retention

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Nearly 50% of Workers Would Quit If…

Companies want employees back in the office. But employees REALLY do not want to go back to the office. This delta in desires is so large that nearly 50% of employees say they’ll quit if their employer requires a full-time return-to-office mandate.

“Current research shows that almost half (47%) of employees indicate they would quit a job or begin looking for a new job immediately if their employer mandated a full-time return-to-office policy”

Here’s the good news. 85% of employers say they’re planning on offering some sort of flexible work arrangement. Major companies like Amazon, X, JPMorgan, etc have recently issued return-to-office mandates. But those appear to be the exception, not the rule.

Hybrid work seems to be a good compromise for both employees and employers. According to the Integrated Benefits Institute, hybrid employees are:

  • 22% more productive

  • 21% more satisfied

  • 51% more engaged

Covid drastically sped up the WFH movement. Now companies are pushing back. For many, hybrid work appears to be the answer.

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The Big G Has to Pay $8.4 Million…

6,517 workers are now owed nearly $8,400,000 from Google via a compensation lawsuit settlement. The workers believed that Google incorrectly calculated their pay and excluded stock and commissions. As a result, their overtime pay rate was also (allegedly) incorrect.

This class action lawsuit cited the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as California State Law. Google also paid out $5.5M back in 2018 for allegedly failing to properly pay recruiters.

One would think that the $1.66 TRILLION-dollar company wouldn’t have a problem paying people properly (say that 3 times).

ICYMI - Google also has a sweet on-campus hotel (they charge $99 per night).

For more on the G-Suit, read this.

Talent Retention is a Top Priority

Retaining talent is sorta important. In fact, employers rate retaining talent as their #1 priority. And retention has certainly been an issue for many companies…

“More than half of employers (51%) experienced a turnover rate of at least 15% in 2022, inching up three points from 48% in 2021. In response, companies are adjusting compensation and benefits to improve retention rates”

These are the top operational priorities:

  1. Retaining talent

  2. Growing revenue or sales

  3. Attracting talent

And here are the top priorities for HR:

  1. Retaining talent

  2. Attracting talent

  3. Training and developing people

Wow. Pretty solid alignment between Ops and HR (there’s a first time for everything). To combat turnover, here’s what companies are doing…

  • Increasing base salaries

  • Increasing variable comp

  • Expanding medical benefits

  • Upgrading well-being initiatives (office pizza parties)

Pretty much all the obvious stuff.

For more, read the 2023 Workplace Trends Report.

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