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🏅 Top 50 companies of 2024

💲 Salary controversy

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Top 50 Companies of 2024

LinkedIn's top companies

LinkedIn recently put together a list of the top 50 companies to work for in 2024 using metrics such as:

  • Ability to advance

  • Skills development

  • Company stability

  • External opportunity

  • Company affinity

And more. Pretty much all of the companies on the list are larger, public companies that have been around forever.

We need LinkedIn’s top startup list too!

Below are the top 10 companies of 2024:

  1. JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  2. Amazon

  3. Wells Fargo

  4. Deloitte

  5. PwC

  6. UnitedHealth Group

  7. AT&T

  8. Verizon

  9. Moderna

  10. Alphabet Inc. (Google)

You can check out the rest of the list here.

You can also check out the top 25 fastest-growing jobs here.

👀 Interesting trend:

LinkedIn highlighted that several companies on this year’s list are using AI to help employees advance on their career paths.



Salary Controversy

Salary breakdown of Caitlin Clark's rookie contract

ICYMI - The WNBA draft was earlier this week.

Caitlin Clark, who is widely regarded as the best college basketball player of all time, was selected first overall.

Details about her rookie contract surfaced, and outrage ensued. Even President Biden took to Twitter to express disapproval.

Clark is set to make $76,535 in her first year. 

(For context, Victor Wembanyama, the first overall pick in the 2023 NBA draft is set to make roughly $12.1M in his first year)

Quite the contrast.

🏀 Why is there such a stark difference?

The WNBA currently makes an estimated $60 million from media rights. The NBA makes $2.7 billion+ from television deals.

💰 But here’s what most are missing:

Caitlin Clark has earned an estimated $3.1M from her NIL deals in college.

Not so bad, eh?

She will likely earn millions (possibly TENS of millions) more from endorsement deals in the near future.

Yeah, the contract isn’t amazing. It would be a GREAT paying job for a kid right out of college. Not so great for professional sports.

However, $3M+ in endorsements puts her earnings above a ton of NFL, MLB, UFC, and other major sports athletes.

How do you feel about this?

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Marked “Safe” From Layoffs Today (and basically forever)

“People over profits” is a catchphrase often used by business leaders that becomes basically meaningless without action. But the CEO of Torani believes investing in people really leads to better business outcomes.

Melanie Dulbecco, CEO of popular flavored syrup company Torani, recently celebrated her 33rd anniversary at the company.

Torani was founded in 1925 by a couple named Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre. The husband, Rinaldo, passed away from a sudden heart attack shortly after the company started. Ezilda was left in the heart of the great depression without her business and life partner with two young children and a new business to run.

She contemplated selling the company, but her coworkers assured her that they would help run the business and even help raise her kids.

And just like that, a culture of people over profits was cemented into the company.

Now, the company’s head executive is determined to keep that tradition alive. Melanie Dulbecco has implemented several incentives for people to stay working at Torani, even if it means changing roles or locations.

And in the company’s 99-year history, they haven’t had a single layoff. Bravo Torani! 👏

This is a much different perspective than we see in today’s landscape.

In the tech industry alone, 74,672 employees have been laid off.

Earlier this week, we asked you if you think there will be more mass layoffs this year. Below are the results from the poll:

poll of layoffs with 3 response options


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