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Fastest Growing US Jobs

It’s no secret that the workforce has gone through some major changes in the past few years.

In fact, more than two-thirds of LinkedIn’s “jobs on the rise” didn’t even exist 20 years ago.

And it appears that the workforce may undergo some significant changes in the near future.

Fun fact: The majority of working professionals are considering a career change in 2024.

LinkedIn analyzed millions of jobs started by users between 2019 and 2023. Here are the top 25 fastest growing jobs that companies will be looking to fill:

  1. Chief growth officer

  2. Government program analyst

  3. Environment health safety manager

  4. Director of revenue operations

  5. Sustainability analyst

  6. Advanced practice provider

  7. Vice president of diversity and inclusion

  8. Artificial intelligence consultant (how is this not #1)?!

  9. Recruiter

  10. Artificial intelligence engineer

  11. External communications manager

  12. Product security engineer

  13. Physical therapist

  14. Grants program manager

  15. Director of land acquisition

  16. Transmission planning engineer

  17. Influencer marketing manager

  18. Director of development services

  19. Director of legal operations

  20. Workforce development coordinator

  21. Head of public safety

  22. Manufacturing plant director

  23. Infection preventionist (could’ve used some of these 4 years ago smh)

  24. Head of partnerships

  25. Instructional systems specialist

For more, check out LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise 2024.


This Job PAYS!

Earlier this month, The Atlantic described coaching as “a 25-year bull market,” and it’s easy to see why.

Nick Saban, who made an NCAA record of over $120M in his 17 years at Alabama, just announced his retirement.

However, it looks like there’s still plenty of money to go around with some schools earning hundreds of millions PER YEAR. And the players don’t get any of it! (Players now get NIL deals, which allows them to accept endorsement money for the name, image, and likeness, but they don’t get salaries).

As of last year, more than 50 coaches made $4M+ annually. One coach even got paid $77M to NOT coach!! (Now he’s selling a step-by-step guide on Gumroad so you can do the same thing at your job).

The NFL is no different for coaches. Salaries are much higher, but job security is much worse.

Two of the NFL’s winningest coaches, Bill Belichick ($25M/year) and Pete Carroll ($15M/year) just lost their jobs on the same day.

While these seem ridiculously high, the number of coaching jobs is fixed. Coaching at a top program takes decades of experience…and it’s hard to stay on top.

The takeaway from this: coach your kids’ teams and try to work your way up.

Read more here.


Qdoba Settles…

States have begun passing laws that require businesses to disclose salary ranges on job descriptions. Great for candidates…until companies start posting ridiculous ranges to skirt around the law.

Qdoba, on the other hand, went a completely different route. They skipped listing a salary range entirely. Bold move.

Now, they’re on the wrong side of a class action.

According to the lawsuit, Qdoba failed to list salary ranges on multiple occasions, which led to the lawsuit.

The same law firm has sued Adidas, Albertsons, and more companies in Washington for the same thing. They’re on the prowl!

How hard is it to just post the salary?!?!

Details of the settlement weren’t made available to the public, but let’s just hope this doesn’t lead to more workers half-scooping the meat!

Read more here.


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