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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

It’s officially spooky season! Hopefully you aren’t ghosting or getting ghosted!

ICYMI - “Coffee badging” is a new trend that employees are utilizing to get around RTO (return to office) mandates. Below are the results from the poll:

  • 70% said they would coffee badge ☕

  • 30% said they would not coffee badge ⛔


👻 Spooky season job ghostin’

🤖 Generative AI is causing all sorts of drama

🧑‍💼 Americans working 2 jobs

And, of course, MEMES!



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Spooky Season

Most people have applied for a job and have not heard back. When this happens, you assume that the company hired someone else.

But the real reason is potentially more sinister. Research from StandOutCV found that a significant number of job postings are “ghost jobs”. Companies and talent agencies post “ghost jobs” to build a candidate pipeline for future roles, not roles they’re currently hiring for.

So they post a job and get hundreds (sometimes thousands) of candidates without the intention of making any hires. But when they do need to hire down the road, they have a full pipeline of potential candidates.

Software engineers, graphic designers, and cybersecurity analysts were among the most common “ghost” positions.

A few steps job seekers can take to avoid being “tricked” this fall:

  • Avoid listings older than 30 days without verifying it’s still live

  • Look for the position on the company’s website

  • Contact the hiring manager or recruiter directly

  • Look for an application closing date

  • Search social media to see if someone celebrated accepting the job that’s posted


Generative AI Drama…

AI has created quite a stir in the workplace. Is it going to eliminate jobs? Will AI completely take over? Tune in to the next episode of Black Mirror to find out…

In Hollywood, AI fears sparked a massive strike between execs and the Writers Guild Association. The two parties recently reached a tentative agreement with a clause around AI.

The agreement states that “AI can’t write or rewrite literary material” and that “anything written by AI cannot be considered source material.”

The writers must not be using ChatGPT…(doesn’t seem like they have much to worry about…YET). Although, maybe it could do better than some Netflix scripts.

Additionally, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed an executive order directing California state agencies to study the benefits and risks of AI.

Many fear that using AI, particularly in resume screening tools, may create some discriminatory practices.

“Undisciplined use of resume-screening tools is a commonly cited example of how AI can lead to disparate impact discrimination. Used properly, resume screeners can improve efficiency and suggest the best candidates for the job. If the tool, however, is fed with input or training data that favors a particular group, it may exclude individuals who do not satisfy such biased criteria”

For now, it seems like the writers are safe.

Does your company have any AI policies?

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Record Number of Americans Are Working 2 Full-Time Jobs

It’s never a good sign when people have to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Now, 447,000 Americans are currently holding 2 full-time jobs.

The cost of living has exploded over the past few years. And while wages have increased, they haven’t increased at a rate that exceeds the new cost of living.

In fact, 67% of those making between $50,000 and $100,000 are living paycheck to paycheck (Bankrate).

Additionally, a reported 50% of Americans have side hustles.

Not good…


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