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Google just launched Gemini, its AI model that will challenge GPT-4. The Great AI Wars continue…


💰 Crazy side hustles

✂️ The latest in layoffs

😡 A WFH revolt

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GPT Prompt: “Create an image of a LinkedIn influencer influencing hard”


Crazy Side Hustles…

What would you do if you were expelled from Congress?

Why not launch Cameos for $350 per video?

This is exactly what George Santos has done after getting the boot from Congress. He’ll only need to make 486 Cameos per year to replace his $170,000 salary.

(For those that don’t know, Cameo is a platform where celebrities make personalized videos for paying users).

A few weeks ago, Santos was suspended for a plethora of very strong accusations against him. These include:

  • Lying about his life story (typical politician)

  • Fraud

  • Campaign finance violations

Yikes. But the good news is, you can hire him on Cameo to roast your friends in the group chat!

In a more wholesome side hustle story, a teacher in Oregon is making an extra $125k/year selling worksheets to other teachers.

Becky Powell spends about 10 hours per week creating digital worksheets that she tests out on her own class first before deciding which ones to sell.

Her store currently features 427 different listings, ranging from free downloads to a $30 bundle of 20 booklets.

Powell and her husband both have stores on ‘Teachers Pay Teachers,’ the digital marketplace where she creates and sells worksheets. Her husband’s store brings in an extra $50k+.

Perfect example of monetizing the skills you already have and doing something you love!

(She isn’t on Cameo as far as we know)


The Latest in Layoffs

There were 50,896 job cuts in November, according to the MacroEdge job cuts tracker.

Here’s a list of prominent layoffs:

  • Spotify lays off 1,500 employees, almost 20% of workforce

  • TikTok parent ByteDance to cut additional 1,000 jobs in strategic shift

  • Gilead, a cell therapy company, lays off almost 1,000 employees.

  • US Steel lays off 1,000 in Illinois

  • Broadcom lays off 1,200 employees

  • Amazon cuts several hundred in Alexa unit.

  • Spirit Airlines is offering buyouts to employees amid weak demand. They’re also pausing training for new pilots and flight attendants. (Looks like people are tired of having the worst day of their life for $89 by flying Spirit)

  • U of Arizona president: mass layoffs, ticket-price hikes coming. Football and basketball tickets will be up at least 25% according to the school. The school recently discovered a $240 million budget shortfall and had to cut scholarships and instructor salaries.

  • Metro Bank cuts 20% of workforce as it ‘reviews’ seven-day opening hour, via Intellizence.

  • LinkedIn has announced it will eliminate approximately 668 employee roles across the company. Roles will be impacted in the engineering, product, talent, and finance arms. This is roughly 3% of the company's global workforce, via LinkedIn.

  • Twilio is laying off 300 employees, or 5% of its headcount, primarily in its data and applications business following activist investor pressure, via CNBC.


The Great WFH Revolt

Last year, insurance company Farmers Group told most of their employees that they’d be 100% remote. In response, many employees made significant lifestyle changes with the new policy. Some sold their cars, expanded home offices, or even moved away to new cities (we’ve heard this story before).

But new CEO Raul Vargas just announced that the company will be reversing that policy and employees will be required to be in office 3 days a week.

The decision has sparked worker outrage with many employees threatening to quit and over 2,000 (mostly negative) comments on the internal social media page.

Here’s what one employee wrote on the internal forum, “I sold my house and moved closer to my grandkids. So sad that I made a huge financial decision based on a lie.”

Vargas said he believes in the importance of in-office work for collaboration, creativity, and innovation. He stressed the benefits of combining the flexibility of virtual work with the teamwork that comes from being in the office.

The decision will affect about 60% of the 22,000-employee workforce. Workers will have the option to obey and come back to work, disobey and take their chances, or just quit and find a new job right away.

Recently, companies like JPMorgan, Google, Amazon, and more have issued RTO mandates.


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