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ICYMI - We ran a poll on Tuesday, asking how much you would need to earn to “be happy”. Here’s a breakdown of the responses:

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 Blocked from promotions

💸 Incentives for 4-day workweeks

👔 8 workplace trends to monitor in ‘24

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Blocked From Promotions

The ol’ return to office mandates have taken the work world by storm this year. Back in February, Amazon issued an RTO mandate requiring workers to be in the office at least 3 days per week.

Employees were pissed (many had moved to an entirely different location). This mandate prompted an employee walkout in May and the formation of a Slack channel (the modern-day petition) to advocate for remote work.

Now, Amazon just made their next move in the ongoing back-and-forth battle to get employees in the office. The company announced that employees in violation of the 3 days a week mandate will be blocked from promotions.

Many other Amazon employees who were unable to unwilling to return to a physical location were let go, or voluntarily resigned.

During an internal Q&A session, CEO Andy Jassy told employees that it was “past the time to disagree and commit.” He warned employees who refused the mandate, “It’s probably not going to work out for you at Amazon.”

Recently, 50% of workers stated that they would quit if they were forced to return to an office.


Massachusetts Considering Tax Credits For Shortened Workweeks

Most employees would state that they’d prefer a 4-day workweek. But it turns out that legislators might actually incentivize the shortened workweek too.

Legislators in the state of Massachusetts have proposed a two-year pilot program that would incentivize companies to offer four-day workweeks

“Americans haven’t had a meaningful reduction in working hours since … the 1930s. Too many people are not just working five days a week; they are often tethered to their devices and phones and email and are working significantly more. Americans are overworked.”

Dylan Fernandes, Congressman and co-sponsor of the bill

The “Smart Work Week Pilot” would require companies to offer employees the opportunity to work 4 days a week (32 hours) without a reduction in pay or benefits.

Other states like California and Pennsylvania have implemented similar incentives with great success. Some school districts in states like Missouri and Colorado have implemented 4 day school weeks to attract and retain teachers (why couldn’t they do this when we were in school?).

An August report from ResumeBuilder found that 3 in 4 office workers would switch jobs for a 4-day work week and 1 in 3 would even take a pay cut. Could this Massachusetts bill be the start of the 4-day revolution? 👀

Would you take a pay cut for a 4-day workweek?

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8 Work Trends For 2024

Glassdoor recently put together a list of 2024 workplace trends to look out for in the upcoming year. We read through and summarized below:

  1. “More zoomers, less boomers.” Gen Z is on pace to overtake baby boomers in the workforce next year as the boomers retire. Gen X and Millennials still make up the majority of the workforce.

  2. Wages and salaries should continue to increase, but other benefits such as health insurance, computer & phone allowances, tuition assistance, etc. look like they’re on the decline.

  3. Companies won’t be giving away equity to employees like they have in years past. Equity compensation was the way for tech companies to attract talent in the 2010s. Not so much anymore.

  4. Employee morale is down from a brutal year of layoffs. And it looks like overall dissatisfaction may carry over into 2024.

  5. Middle managers may get squeezed out of roles as companies push for efficiency.

  6. Companies will be looking for ways to enforce RTO mandates. Glassdoor refers to it as “carrot sticks,” where employers will try to balance punishment and reward in response to RTO compliance.

  7. Flexibility offered by small companies is in demand. Workers have become accustomed to flexibility with schedules and responsibilities since the pandemic. Small companies are more likely to offer it, so workers are passing on the big fancy jobs at huge companies, and looking for startups or smaller companies to work for instead.

  8. And lastly, the obvious one. Generative AI is the biggest workforce trend to watch for next year. While it will likely boost employee productivity, it will also create a demand for human interaction whether it’s with coworkers, B2B, marketing, etc. Skilled workers who know how to best utilize AI with their jobs while also staying sharp on communication skills will come out ahead.


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