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🤨 Salesforce wants ya back

🏠 RTO is making people sell their homes…

Plus an update on the UAW Strike.

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You Need to Feel The PAIN!

Australian billionaire developer Tim Gurner is not happy about where unemployment is. He thinks it should be higher. Way higher.

The unemployment rate in Australia is 3.6%, or roughly 500,000 people. This means Gurner is calling for another 250,000 people to lose their jobs…just so that workers can *checks notes* have a “better attitude”?

In 2017, Gurner went on the record saying that “Millenials should stop buying smashed avocados if they want to be able to afford their first home”.

We aren’t mathematicians, but it would take a lot of smashed avocados to cover a downpayment and mortgage.


In the wake of all the backlash, it was discovered that he got his start in property development from a big ol’ fan loan from his grandpa.

Some jokes write themselves.


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The Playbook on How to Go Fractional:

47% of Americans are involved in some sort of Fractional work or side hustle. That number is expected to increase to over 60% by 2030.

What most fractional workers struggle with is packaging the service they want to offer, knowing where to market themselves, and figuring out how to price their offering.

To be successful, Fractional workers need to:

  • Productize their expertise

  • Market through the right channels

  • Price their offer according to the market, demands, and experience

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I Want You Back

After laying off 8,000 employees earlier this year, Marc Benioff and Salesforce are singin’ “I Want You Back”. The company is looking to rehire about 40% of the lost workforce or 3,300 employees.

Benioff cited rough economic conditions for the layoffs earlier this year. But things have turned out pretty good for Marc & crew. Salesforce announced Q2 earnings of $8.6B in sales, up 11% YoY. Love to see it.

Salesforce is planning to make hires in the following departments:

  • Sales

  • Engineering

  • Salesforce’s Data Cloud business

Slack, an acquired subsidiary of Salesforce is also looking to rehire in Q3. The focus? Generative AI.

Read more here.

RTO Is Making People Sell Their Homes…

Return-to-office mandates are motivating 10.1% of US home sellers to relocate according to Redfin.

Mortgage rates are the highest they’ve been in 20 years. Most people aren’t selling their homes by choice. And many sellers are likely going to take a loss on their homes. Tough scene.

Remote work is down bad. So much so that remote workers making over $150k a year would be willing to take a 20% pay cut in order to continue working from home (Business Insider).

Bonus: Update on The UAW Strike

ICYMI - Tuesday’s Office Party did a deep dive on the UAW Strike. Here’s the latest:

  • The two sides are still far apart on negotiations

  • Automakers are continuously outspoken on the 40% pay hike and 32 hour work week

  • GM’s President stated that the UAW’s demands are “untenable”

  • The UAW said that more strikes will take place if their demands aren’t met

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