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Too Many Laws, Too Little Time 🤯

One of the worst ways to spend your day has to be Googling which leave laws apply to which employees at your company.

We get it—there are 43 parental, medical, and caregiver leave laws and counting. 

Oregon just implemented a new leave law, Colorado’s program is changing on January 1st, and states like Vermont and Tennessee keep introducing new insurance products.

Cocoon has you covered. Ditch the search engine and bookmark our leave law map.


LinkedIn Just Announced New AI Tools

LinkedIn just announced 2 new AI tools that will have everyone in HR and Talent Acquisition throwing an Office Party.

Pretty soon, talent leaders will only need to type something as simple as “I want to hire a senior growth marketing leader,” and Recruiter 2024 will have a high-quality list of candidates from a wide pool within seconds.

LinkedIn Learning will also offer real-time coaching to users looking for advice and content based on their jobs, goals, and skills.

Good to see the robots providing career help rather than destroying jobs.

For more, check out the 2024 Recruiter Release and the LinkedIn Talent Blog.


WARN Notices Reveal More Layoffs Are Coming…

WARN notices just revealed that 5 Bay Area tech companies are set to lay off a combined 453 employees.

What’s a WARN notice? Well, under the act, most employers with over 100 employees must provide a 60-day notice of planned mass layoffs.

Below are the companies and the planned layoffs:

  • Circuit board manufacturer TTM Technologies will lay off 240 employees on October 16th.

  • Revenue data management company Clari Inc. will lay off 139 on October 15th.

  • Semiconductor company Wolfspeed Inc. will lay off 50 on October 20th.

  • Cloud-based software company Blackline Systems Inc. will lay off 21 on October 22nd.

  • Stock and Crypto exchange Robinhood Markets Inc. will lay off 3 employees within the month.

  • Cisco Systems Inc. also announced layoffs early last month. 123 employees are scheduled to have their last day of work on October 16th.

1,039 tech companies have now conducted layoffs in 2023. The good news? The data shows that layoffs are decreasing MoM.

For more on the layoffs, read here.


690,000 New Jobs in August? (JOLTS Report)

According to the recent JOLTS report, 690,000 new jobs were added in August. And we’re all wondering WHERE?! (certainly not in tech).

Well, it turns out that the majority of job openings were added in the professional and business services industry.

Seasonal hiring looks to be down across most industries this year (they didn’t hear that Amazon is planning on hiring 250k people this Winter).

The added jobs came in higher than expected and the labor market is still believed to be in a cool-down.

“Layoffs are still so low that the layoff rate in August would have been a record low prior to 2020.“

Layoffs in tech = record-breaking year. Layoffs in every other industry = lower than normal.

Weird year eh?

For more on the August jobs report, check out Indeed’s Hiring Lab.


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