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Good Morning Party People! 🎉

What a week it has been already! The Office is set for a reboot. Taylor Swift has a new BF. And it’s only Tuesday…

Here’s what we got today:

🤖 AI strikes back

📘 Amazon is hiring like CRAZY

💸 Pay transparency is on the rise

And, of course, MEMES!

  • 93% said “Not a cool guy

  • 7% said “Cool guy 😎

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AI Strikes Back

IBM is in hot water. They recently faced a series of discrimination accusations, where former employees (aged 62 & 66) claimed they were unlawfully terminated because of their age. Both employees have been with the company for over 20 years.

But it’s potentially even more sinister…

They believe there is a plan to cut 50% (or more) of IBM’s HR department and replace the workers with AI.

The plaintiffs making the discrimination accusations believe that other employees (younger ones) will not be let go, despite worse performance ratings.

“During planning for mass layoffs, including the 2023 layoff, the plaintiffs claimed IBM would consider “runway” length when choosing employees to cut while also referring to the need for employees with “new skills” or “new energy.”

“New energy” seems to be code for “younger”.

Back in May, 4,000 workers were replaced by AI. The AI trend will be interesting to continue to monitor…

Amazon is HIRING

Amazon is planning on hiring 250,000 people for the holidays. That’s more than the population of Scottsdale, Arizona…And more than the number of tech workers laid off in 2023.

The jobs will be full-time, part-time, and seasonal, with an average pay of over $20/hour. Most jobs will be fulfillment and transportation roles. It’s like a modern-day North Pole operation.

The seasonal hiring push is somewhat normal for Amazon. Last year, the company brought on 150,000 leading up to the holidays. As of recently, Amazon employed 1.5 million people, so the added headcount will be a significant percentage of the company's total workforce.

An Amazon spokesperson also said the company is investing $1.3B this year to support pay raises for these workers.

Do you think 250,000 people would fit on Jeff Bezos’ yacht?

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Pay Transparency is On The Rise

Seriously. Is there anything worse than a job description without the pay range? Let the people know what they’ll get paid!!

But we come bearing good news…

Indeed now says that half of its US job postings now feature pay transparency. That’s up since the start of the year, and up A LOT since 2019.

The main reason?

Pay transparency laws are on the rise.

Colorado has had laws in place since January of 2021, so it’s no surprise that they lead the country with 81% of all job postings containing salary information (so 19% of posts are breaking the law?! 🤨).

In New York, statewide pay disclosure laws went into place on September 17th.

The share of job postings with salary information has nearly tripled in only three years, and it looks like the trend is on pace to continue.

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