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Are You Using ChatGPT at Work?

“ChatGPT, how can I get a promotion?”

The launch of ChatGPT took the internet (and workplace) by storm.

Within a month of launch, 27% of people said they’d used ChatGPT at work. By January 2023, the number had already jumped to 43%.

For the first anniversary (November 2023), Glassdoor decided to conduct the same survey as before.

Last week, the results from over 5,000 working professionals were finalized. Now more than 62% of employees are using ChatGPT and similar tools at work.

Do you use ChatGPT at work?

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Could be out of fear of getting replaced. Could be that they want to seem extra smart in front of their boss. We get it.

The marketing industry is leading the way with 77% of professionals using AI at work. Insurance (33%), law (38%), and healthcare (40%) have been the slowest to adopt AI at work.

But people aren’t just using AI at work. They’re also using AI to find work…

Join hundreds of people on the waitlist to leverage AI to skyrocket their careers. Whether you’re actively looking for a job or not, you won’t want to miss out on early access to this.


Make $400k as a Manager

In the future, kids won’t dream about being astronauts. They won’t dream of being professional athletes, movie stars, or politicians.

They’ll want to be managers at Walmart.

This week, Walmart announced that they’re adding $20,000 in stock grants to store managers in the U.S. as part of their annual compensation package.

And just last week, they announced a raise in the average salary to $128,000 for store managers.

They also made all managers eligible for bonuses up to 200% of their salary. Based on the average salary, Walmart managers have a total earning potential of $404,000!

What a great week to be a manager at Walmart.

According to their website, Walmart has about 5,215 retail locations in the United States. ‘Walmart Store Manager’ will probably be a trending search on LinkedIn after all the announcements this week.

“A Walmart store manager is running a multimillion-dollar business and managing hundreds of people. And it’s a far more complex job today than when I managed a store. And we ask our managers to own their roles and to act like owners. And now, they’ll literally be owners.”

For more on Walmart’s new initiative, read here.


Tech Jobs in Free Fall

Tech jobs accounted for 6 out of the top 10 sought-after jobs in 2023. (Not after they see the Walmart Manager's salary).

This year, only one tech role (data engineer) made the list, claiming the #10 spot.

The annual list tracks demand and compensation for jobs across the US. But jobs must have an annual salary of $75k+ and have 10% remote or hybrid positions available to qualify (not as many remote jobs these days).

Total number of job postings for the roles plays a factor in the ranking as well. The drop off in tech roles comes after the last few years of companies hoarding and hiring as many tech workers as possible.

“Tech roles are still an integral part of every industry, however they are primarily unavailable right now, and extra competitive, with top talent currently holding those positions. Simply, tech dropped off the 2024 Best Jobs list because those roles have already been filled.”

For Indeed’s “Best Jobs of 2024”, check out this article.


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