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The Chiefs and 49ers are matching up in the Super Bowl this year. (Swifties everywhere are rejoicing).

Tickets for the big game are as cheap as just $7000.

Here’s how YOU can get a ticket to the Super Bowl (and make your company pay for it). Kidding…


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We Found the Remote Jobs!

Remote jobs?! Never heard of ‘em.

At least not in 2023 (the year of RTO mandates). But there just might be a workaround to work remotely.

U.S. workers are shifting their job searches to include international companies offering remote roles.

And it’s working…

According to Deel’s State of Global Hiring Report, there was a 62% increase in the number of American workers hired by international companies last year. Companies operating out of the U.K., Canada, France, Singapore, and Australia were most likely to hire remote workers living in the States.

Deel CEO, Alex Bouaziz, also pointed out that RTO mandates and the elimination of remote roles are driving good employees to other companies.

He even said, “A couple of our competitors did that, and we hired their best people. So I welcome them to keep doing it.”

Shots fired.

Bouaziz says U.S. workers looking to go international will have some things to sort out like HR and compliance issues, different time zones and working hours, and cultural differences like holiday time off and communication in general.

However, many of the American workers in international remote roles say they enjoy the different styles of work and say international companies have a better perspective on work-life balance.

Would you work remotely for a company outside of the US?

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Big Brother is Watching…

Amazon has been fined €32m ($35m) in France for “excessive surveillance” of its workers, according to France’s National Commission on Informatics and Liberty (CNIL).

According to CNIL (and a report from BBC), Amazon’s warehouse management system tracked workers’ activity so precisely that workers had to justify every break. The system would display three alerts, which France’s data protection agency found to be illegal.

One alert is triggered if an item was scanned less than 1.25 seconds after scanning the previous item. Amazon says this practice is to reduce the risk of error.

Another alert tracked all breaks between one and ten minutes, and the third alert signaled breaks over ten minutes.

(You aren’t allowed to go #2, apparently)

An Amazon spokesperson had this to say, “We strongly disagree with the CNIL's conclusions which are factually incorrect and we reserve the right to file an appeal. Warehouse management systems are industry standard and are necessary for ensuring the safety, quality, and efficiency of operations and to track the storage of inventory and processing of packages on time and in line with customer expectations.”

The CNIL and other advocates for fair working conditions say the management system crosses into illegally harsh micromanagement. A similar management system used by Amazon in the UK has also come under fire.

Certainly not an Office Party going on at Amazon…


Companies are Avoiding Gen Z….

This week, a study from ResumeBuilder.com revealed nearly a third of hiring managers avoid hiring Gen Z candidates in favor of older workers (reverse ageism?!).

94% of hiring managers said they have dealt with a Gen Z candidate acting inappropriately during an interview, and 30% have had to fire a Gen Z worker within a month of their start date.


According to the survey, “Gen Z applicants ask for too much money, don’t have communication skills, don’t seem engaged, dress inappropriately and fall short on eye contact.”

“No cap, I’m gonna need like 6-figures” - Adam, (Gen Z’er)

Companies won’t be able to dodge the Zoomers (Gen Z) forever, though. Glassdoor predicts that Zoomers will overtake Boomers in workforce numbers by the end of 2024.

Fortunately, companies are prepping for the shift. In a survey of company leaders from July 2023, more than half of all companies already offer etiquette classes for younger workers or plan to in 2024.


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