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👾 Games on LinkedIn?!

📅 Did your workweek just get shorter?

✖️ Companies don’t know how to use AI

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“We have fired two employees due to firing circumstances”


Games on LinkedIn?!

A brand new way to impress a potential employer - beating them at games on LinkedIn!

The Microsoft-owned platform with over 1 billion users is primarily used for professional development, recruiting, networking, and even apparently dating for some people!

(Don’t shoot your shot via LinkedIn DMs…seriously)

But now they’re planning to break into a whole new area: gaming.

A spokesperson from LinkedIn confirmed that they’re working on implementing gaming features to the platform, but said there’s no set launch date as of right now.

The main focus seems to be on puzzle games, which have been a viral sensation ever since Wordle gained popularity, reaching millions of players.

Three of the games in development are called “Queens”, Inference”, and “Crossclimb.”

They should add a game called “how many applications can I submit before I get a job offer!”

App researchers have started to find code that hints at some features LinkedIn is planning. One thing they found involves organizing player scores by place of work, and then “ranking” companies based on those scores.

Imagine getting fired because you suck at LinkedIn games and bring the company score down 🤣

How do we feel about LinkedIn gaming?

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Did Your Workweek Just Get Shorter?

image of bernie sanders asking for a shorter workweek

The 40-hour workweek has been the standard in the United States for more than 80 years.

Now some members of Congress, led by Bernie Sanders, are fighting to give hourly workers an extra day off.

Last week, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a bill that would shorten the threshold for mandatory overtime pay from 40+ hours in a week to 32+ hours in a week.

Bernie cited advancements in AI, automation, and robotics to argue that companies can afford to give their employees an extra day off without reducing their pay or benefits.

Old man Bernie actually makes some good points! Some experts expect the implementation of AI in the workplace to boost productivity by up to 50%.

A 2022 study by a team of university researchers and the nonprofit 4 Day Week Global found that 71% of workers were less burned out and roughly 50% were more satisfied with their jobs overall.

Who doesn’t love 3-day weekends?!

80% of companies from the study reported revenue growth attributed to the change in hours worked.

Critics say mandating a shorter week would force companies to hire more workers and lose money, specifically in industries like manufacturing where hands-on work is required.

Sanders says the regulations would be phased in over 4 years, giving companies plenty of time to adapt and reorganize.

Is reducing the standard workweek to 32 hours a good idea?

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Companies Don’t Know How to Use AI

What do we want?

“Generative AI!!”

When do we want it?


What are we gonna do with it?!


According to a March 13 report by Orgvue, an organizational planning company, 82% of companies have already invested in AI.

One-third of those companies plan to increase their investment by 50% or more within the year. But half the companies admit that they’re unsure about the best way to use it in the workplace.

Major FOMO!!

In an internal survey of 1,000 C-suite company leaders, 61% said they expect AI to replace people in their company. 69% said they think AI will be the main driver of workforce transformation within the next 3 years.

48% of these company bigwigs also admitted to being unsure of how to best optimize AI in the workplace.

According to the same study, 73% of employers say hiring candidates with AI skills is a priority, but are struggling to do so. Nearly 2 in 5 employers said they don’t have the organizational expertise to implement AI or AI training into their companies, despite wanting to.

Main takeaway for anyone looking for new opportunities in 2024: use AI and develop a specific skill that could be an asset for an employer. Companies are paying top dollar for it!



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