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📈 Sectors that are actually hiring

💻 Zoom towns are boomin’ (sorta)

🏡 Which jobs are still remote?!

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Non-Competes Will Non-Exist?

The ol’ non-compete. Nothing worse. You do a bunch of work for a company, decide to leave, and then your options are limited.

But there’s good news!  

New York legislators are on pace to pass a bill to ban non-compete agreements.

If Gov. Hochul signs the bill, the labor contracts used to prevent employees from leaving a company and working for a competitor, or starting their own, would be banned in the state of New York”

If this bill passes, New York will become the 5th state to ban non-compete agreements.

The other states that have non-compete bans?

  • Minnesota

  • California

  • North Dakota

  • Oklahoma

Additionally, Colorado, Illinois, and Maryland have non-compete restrictions for higher wage earners.

Here’s to competing!

Want to learn more? Check out this Forbes article.

Sectors That Are Actually Hiring

It’s no secret that it has been a rough year for tech. In fact, 211,363 tech employees have been laid off in 2023. Yikes.

But when one door closes, others open.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these 6 industries are hiring most aggressively:

  1. Professional and Business Services

  2. Government

  3. Health Care

  4. Leisure and Hospitality

  5. Construction

  6. Transportation and Warehousing

No employer is making a more aggressive push than the country’s largest: the federal government, which is aiming to hire 22,000 tech workers in fiscal year 2023. Federal agencies have participated in a series of “Tech to Gov” job forums targeted in part at laid off workers, hoping to ease their own chronic labor shortages that have hindered efforts to strengthen cybersecurity defenses and modernize the way they deliver benefits and collect taxes” (ABC).

By 2033, everyone will be working for the government. Exciting!

Zoom Towns Are Boomin’?

Seems like everyone moved during COVID. And some towns really saw an influx in residents.

Ever heard of Grants Pass, Oregon?

Many people wanted to chase more affordable living, change their lifestyles, and try something new. Hard to blame ‘em. Everyone said remote work was here to stay.

But companies are now requiring workers to come back into the office…

So what are these workers doing? Well, many are looking for new, remote jobs.

Here’s the problem.

Only 11% of jobs posted on LinkedIn are remote. And these remote jobs account for nearly 50% of the total job application volume.

People who permanently relocated during the pandemic may have to let go of some of their newfound flexibility as fully remote positions become harder to come by — or they may have to get creative” (CNBC)

Fewer remote openings. More competition.

If you are looking for remote jobs, here are some good resources:

You can read more here.

Speaking of remote jobs..

Which Jobs Are Still Remote?!

Remote jobs do still exist! Even though companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple have issued return-to-office mandates, some companies are staying true to remote work.

In fact, remote work has actually increased in certain job functions. It turns out, you don’t need to go into the office to be a good Developer, Recruiter, or…Mathematician (this is actually a job?).

Marketers? You’re going to need to head back to the office, though (4.2% decrease in remote work).

Real Estate professionals saw the greatest increase in remote work over the past 12 months. Does that just mean they aren’t selling homes?

Read more about remote work trends here.

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