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The Salary You Need to be Considered Middle-Class

middle class salary by state

“If you’re not making $100k per year, you’re a FAILURE” - Random jabroni on TikTok

Well, maybe not. Maybe you’re doing just fine.

But cost of living has risen..

What even is the middle class anymore?!

“It just ain’t what it used to be”

GoBankingRates has put together a range of incomes considered to be middle class in every state using data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

💡 Middle-class is typically defined as someone who makes anywhere between two-thirds and double the median annual income.

And it’s great news; no matter what state someone lives in, they’re only one 16-leg parlay away from being considered upper-class!

Below are the top 5 states for incomes needed to be considered “middle-class”:

  1. Maryland - $65,641

  2. New Jersey - $64,751

  3. Massachusetts - $64,337

  4. Hawaii - $63,209

  5. California - $61,207


Getting ghosted sucks. Here’s what to do when it happens to you.

Ah, the dreaded return to office…

This is CRAZY!


CEO Drops Years of Experience!

We’ve all seen those “entry-level” job postings that require 8 years of prior experience.


But good news:

Marcelo Lebre, the CEO of Remote, published a tweet thread last week outlining changes to the companies hiring policy. The company will no longer consider “years of experience” as a factor when hiring.

Lebre says he doesn’t care for the status quo, and explains why:

“I value much more what you can do than how long you've been doing it for. A lot of the great people I hired across the years had no experience in the role but focused on execution through excellence.

By prioritizing potential and diverse experiences, we're not just filling positions; we're building a powerhouse team. This change is about giving opportunities to those ready to excel, regardless of their background.

“We're innovating in several areas where the current incumbents suck and our competitors are even worse so only hiring for "time in the market" doesn't give you an upside - old ideas, same crappy products. It helps you walk but not leap.”


Seems like a great guy and a forward-thinking company to work for.

They also have nearly 100 open roles!


The Job Market for College Grads

A new Bachelor’s degree, $100k+ in debt, and a job at Starbucks seems to be the reality for an overwhelming number of fresh college graduates in recent years.

💡 4 out of every 10 recent college grads report working at a job that doesn’t even require a degree.

With the labor market cooling, it’s important to know what industries are hiring the most to avoid letting that degree go to waste.

(Although, most people don’t even use their degree at their job anyway)

"We know that the first job out of college is incredibly important when setting the course for the rest of a person's career. However, not every college graduate is going to enter a booming job market, and some are not afforded the option of being picky.”

-Liz Wilke, economist, Gusto

According to Gusto, the top industries currently hiring new college grads are:

  1. Legal

  2. Nonprofits

  3. Arts

  4. Entertainment

  5. Health care

  6. Social assistance

  7. Construction

Overall, hiring for fresh college grads is forecast to decline by 6% compared to last year. 

Some industries like computer and electronics manufacturing, finance, and pharmaceuticals are projected to cut back on hiring college grads by 12% or more.

According to career experts at Monster, college grads are mostly looking for hybrid roles with the flexibility to work remotely.

Did you enjoy your first job out of college?

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