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🌴 Insane remote jobs

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INSANE Remote Jobs

All the remote jobs are dead, right?

They’ve certainly become less common in tech as only ~20% of all jobs posted are listed as remote.

According to Pieter Levels (@levelsio on X), remote jobs are booming in South America.

And some roles in the U.S. (that you would never think would be remote) have gone remote.

In Uruguay and Argentina, hotels, coffee shops, and office buildings are hiring remote security guards and doormen.

They can see you and you can see them, but just through a screen.

(How is a remote security guard going to help?!)

This trend has found its way into the U.S. too!

Some shops in NYC have replaced cashiers with a monitor that shows a person on Zoom from the Philippines.

They’ll still probably ask you to tip 30, 35, and 40%.


Remote security guards?!

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Insomnia Cookies = Cash Cow

Imagine turning $150 into $200M a year…

Well, for Seth Berkowitz, founder of Insomnia Cookies, this was his reality.

Two decades ago, Berkowitz had a late-night crazing for a warm cookie in his dorm room at The University of Pennsylvania.

His sweet tooth would eventually lead to a 9 figure business.

Berkowitz started Insomnia Cookies by baking cookies in his college house and then delivering them around campus.

He spent about $150 on ingredients and took orders on his cell phone. Some nights, he was delivering cookies around campus as late as 4 A.M. (hence the name of the company).

Over the course of a semester, he made roughly $10k in profit (about enough to cover one or two textbooks).

“I just thought a warm cookie worked. It was a craving that I was looking for, and it was clear that it was something that resonated with others.” 

-Seth Berkowitz, founder of Insomnia Cookies

His marketing efforts included putting up flyers around campus and handing out free cookies.

At first, he was only averaging 3 cookie orders per day.

Then, the school newspaper wrote an article and published his picture and business on the front page. Within a couple of days, he was delivering up to 80 orders every night.

He eventually brought on a partner, hired some employees, opened the first brick-and-mortar store 2 years after his first delivery, and eventually sold a majority stake to Krispy Kreme.

The company is now worth almost half a billion dollars.

Who’s hungry?!


The Latest in Layoffs…

In March, 73,332 jobs were cut.

28,577 jobs were cut from April 1-6…the highest for any single week since MacroEdge began tracking data in September.

  • The University of Arizona has begun layoffs - will reportedly eliminate around 350 employees. Shouldn’t have blown it in march madness and maybe the school would have more money!

  • Spirit Airlines is furloughing 260 pilots in an effort to cut costs.

  • United Airlines Holdings Inc. is asking pilots to take unpaid time off next month, a staffing cutback that could extend into late 2024.

  • The 99 Cents Only Store brand has officially filed for bankruptcy, citing up to $10 billion in assets, up to 17,000 jobs will be impacted on June 5th when the brand shuts down.

  • Best Buy conducted mass layoffs of Geek Squad employees this week, per employees who were laid off. Layoffs were cited as being larger than the ones in 2023 - potentially affecting thousands of employees.

  • Cisco Systems is reportedly planning another round of job cuts that will likely affect 1,000+ employees.

  • Intel has reportedly begun layoffs, with up to 30% of some teams affected, particularly in sales and marketing.

  • Apple is laying off nearly 650 employees in California per a state regulator notice.

  • Ford is delaying production at its Oakville EV plant until 2027 due to very weak EV demand, will likely result in around 2,700 job cuts.

  • Mod Pizza is shutting down 27 restaurants - affecting hundreds of workers. Tragic.

  • AMN Healthcare is reportedly eliminating roughly 1,400 positions.

  • Quaker Oats is shutting down a factory in Illinois and eliminating 510 employees.

  • Amazon Web Services is eliminating around 800 jobs in sales, marketing and technology.

  • The University of Texas has eliminated its DEI employees to comply with a new state law prohibiting taxpayer expenditures on DEI causes.

  • Wells Fargo reportedly eliminated 300 employees in its Home Lending Servicing division.

  • Nike is reportedly gearing up for another round of job cuts this month as the retailer continues to struggle with a falling share price and faltering sales performance.

Layoff information via MacroEdge.


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