🎉 Was quitting a mistake?!

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ICYMI - OpenAI just announced GPT4o which can reason across audio, vision, and text.

The AI race is heating up!


😅 Was quitting a mistake?!

🍋 HelloFresh cuts TONS of jobs

Meet the 45-year-old who made his pro soccer debut

And, of course, MEMES!



Was Quitting a Mistake?!

Have you ever quit a job…and then realized you might have messed up?

According to The Conference Board’s 2024 job satisfaction survey, workers who changed jobs since the beginning of COVID-19 and during the great resignation are less satisfied at their new jobs compared to workers that stuck it out.

The biggest satisfaction gaps between job switchers and job stayers involved leadership and company culture.

The grass ain’t always greener!

Also, many job switchers who admitted to switching jobs for higher pay say they’re still unsatisfied with their compensation and benefits.

“After more than a decade trending upwards, overall U.S. worker job satisfaction may have finally plateaued. To avoid declining job satisfaction, leaders should maintain or improve key drivers such as flexible work arrangements and career development opportunities while ensuring that wages and core benefits remain competitive.” 

-Allan Schweyer, principal researcher of human capital at The Conference Board

💡 Overall job satisfaction is still on the rise, inching up by 0.4% from last year. In total, nearly two-thirds (62.7%) of people are satisfied with their jobs.

However, job satisfaction among people who switched jobs since the pandemic is down 5.6%…

In May of 2023, more than half of all workers said they were looking for a career change, according to a report from FlexJobs.

Have you ever regretted quitting a job?

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HelloFresh Becomes GoodbyeFresh

As the German meal prep company struggles with decreased demand, they announced the complete closure of their Georgia distribution center.

The closure will cost 727 employees their jobs.

(At least it’s not an AI-based layoff)…

HelloFresh recently posted its best-ever quarterly earnings report in Q1 of 2024. Despite that, the company’s stock price has plummeted by more than 90% from the high in 2021.

Rival company Blue Apron recently announced a 20% reduction in total headcount in an effort to cut costs. Last year, Blue Apron was acquired by Wonder Group for a fraction of what it was worth when it went public in 2017.

No one is bullish on meal-prepping anymore?!


Meet the 45-Year-Old Who Just Made His Pro Soccer Debut

You’re never too old to chase your dreams.

Courtney Reum, a 45-year-old venture capitalist (and Paris Hilton’s brother-in-law), just made one of the best career moves of all time.

He joined a second-division professional soccer team in Portugal, financed the deal to sign himself by giving the club a six-figure loan, and gave the club access to his VC firm.

How to play pro soccer at age 45:

Step 1: Give the club a six-figure loan

Step 2: You’re on the team!

It’s easy. Why aren’t more people doing this?!

Despite his age, Reum was a Men’s Fitness Magazine cover model and was already in great shape before deciding to play professional soccer.

He also invested a “significant amount” of money in a 10-week crash course leading up to his debut in order to prepare himself for the physical demands of the game.

Give us 10 weeks (and $1M) and we’ll teach you how to play pro soccer.

"I kind of wanted to have this experience I maybe could've had, or would've liked to have had, 20 or 25 years ago."

-Courtney Reum

The 45-year old rookie made his debut for Länk FC Vilaverdense in an important game that ultimately ended in a 1-0 loss resulting in the club’s relegation to the third division.

Good news for Reum, he can just finance another deal for a better team and sign himself back up to the first or second division!


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