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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

Wendy’s recently announced a surge-based pricing model for their fast food restaurants.

The dynamic pricing model will take into account variables like time of day, demand, etc to change menu prices in real-time - similar to Uber and Lyft.

Nothing like a $26 burger and fries from Wendy’s.

Son of a baconator!


💲 Pay transparency

👔 Return-to-office bluff?

🎓 Did your loans just get erased?

And, of course, MEMES!


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Pay Transparency on the Rise

map of USA showing pay transparency laws

Multiple states have recently passed laws around pay transparency in job postings.

So far, only Colorado has fined employers for violations, but it looks like other states may ramp up the enforcement with the help of career sites like Monster and CareerBuilder.

30 employers from Colorado, California, Hawaii, Illinois, New York state, Washington state, and Washington D.C. have faced complaints alleging violations of recently passed pay transparency laws.

So far, enforcement agencies have focused on urging employers to comply with the law rather than issuing penalties.

“Please just listen to us!”

But some companies have already faced some repercussions…

Colorado has publicly disclosed fines to Lockheed Martin and X (twitter) for violations of the law, and Qdoba settled a lawsuit for similar violations.

Indeed has already updated policies to require pay ranges wherever it’s mandated by law. Monster, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter say they’re aware of violations but haven’t made any policy changes as of Feb 26.

Half of all jobs on Indeed contained pay ranges in 2023, and in states with salary transparency laws like Colorado, that number was as high as 81%.

(19% are still breaking the law!)

The law is useful for applicants. No one wants to waste time applying for jobs where the salary is a mystery.

But, the ambiguous enforcement of the law isn’t great…and neither are ridiculous salary ranges ($49,000-$750,000).

Do you apply to jobs without a listed salary range?

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Bluffing About RTO?

guy getting welcomed back to the office

On the surface, it seems like the pandemic-era workplace flexibility is coming to an end.

However, Fortune and Yahoo Finance say that companies with RTO mandates may be bluffing.

Yahoo Finance says companies simply don’t have the office space they need to facilitate mass return-to-office mandates.

“Businesses are probably being overly ambitious with their RTO orders with the expectation that the targets will never be met by staff. Our experience is that companies, frankly, will say a day longer than what they expect because they just know about human behaviors and patterns, and travel and sick days and holidays. So when we see a company say four days a week back in the office, usually they're expecting around three, so that means they're now going to be planning their portfolio, their footprint, and the type of space they need around that three day a week model.”

-Sue Aspey Price, EMEA CEO for real estate services group Jones Lang LaSalle

According to data from last year, the real estate CEO’s analysis checks out. In a survey published last June, half of the world’s biggest companies were planning to reduce office space by 10-20%.

Experts like Sue Aspey Price say that if everyone actually followed through with RTO mandates, there simply wouldn’t be near enough office space for everyone.

Beauty company L’Oreal just ordered all workers back to the office after CEO Nicolas Hieronimus claimed remote workers have “absolutely no attachment, no passion, no creativity.” Take a hike Nicky!!

Deutsche Bank just ordered managers back into the office 4 days a week and all other employees at least 3 days a week, with the added twist that everyone has to be in office on Mondays and Fridays.

This comes even after the bank publicized a study that 87% of workers felt productive under the hybrid model of 2-3 days per week in the office. And after they announced that they’d be cutting office space by nearly 40% in some locations.

So wtf is going on?! Some people are accusing companies of using return-to-office mandates in place of layoffs to avoid bad publicity and severance packages.

The RTO power struggle continues.


$1.2B in Student Loans Evaporated

153,000 people just got PAID!! Well, kind of.

Last Wednesday, The White House approved $1.2 billion in student loan forgiveness for borrowers with low balances who enrolled in the new SAVE plan.

Borrowers lucky enough to receive the debt forgiveness got an email addressed from President Biden letting them know that all or a portion of their federal student loans would be forgiven.

To qualify, borrowers must have:

  • Enrolled in the SAVE plan

  • Borrowed less than $12,000 in federal student loans (that’s like one semester smh)

  • Spent at least 10 years in repayment

$12k or less, 10 years in repayment, 153k people, equals $1.2 billy?? The math ain’t mathin’! Still, great news for the people who did qualify!

Experts predict that the reduction in debt for so many people could lead to a jolt in the economy and labor market with fewer people dependent on their current jobs.

Time will tell!

For more, check out NerdWallet.


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