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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

What if every employer got an official report card? Well, one set of employers did…and the results will surprise you…Check it out below!



👎 Stealing AI secrets

🌮 Random: This company’s taco shop makes bank

And, of course, MEMES!


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Weighted scale image of NFL teams conditions

JPMorgan: C+

Amazon: D-

Google: B

Wouldn’t it be convenient to see a report card of corporate America made by current and former employees of a business before deciding to work there?

Well, for NFL players, free agents in particular, it’s a reality.

The NFL Players Association just released their second annual “Free Agency Guide” in the form of a report card on every team based on 11 different factors that the players scored 1-100.

Corporate America needs a “Free Agency Guide” ASAP!

The NFLPA contracted Artemis Strategy Group, a survey firm specializing in communications, to help administer and analyze the survey. The Miami Dolphins came in first with straight As (their parents must be so proud!). The Vikings were second, and the Packers, Eagles, and Jags rounded out the top 5.

The Commanders, Chiefs, and Chargers were the bottom 3.

Yes, you read that right. Back-to-back Super Bowl champs and Taylor Swift’s favorite ball club was ranked as one of the worst clubs to play for (besides the winning).

For the full list of each team’s report card, click here.

Where does your team rank?

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Former Google Employee Caught Red Handed

He’s stealing!!

Ex-Google employee, Linwei Ding, is facing 10 years in prison for stealing and selling AI trade secrets with Chinese startups. 

Here’s a rough timeline of how things went down:

  • Google found out confidential information was getting leaked and began an investigation.

  • Google found out Ding had been uploading hundreds of confidential files to his personal Google Cloud for more than 2 years. The irony 🤣

  • Ding was offered a job as the CTO of an early stage AI startup in China within weeks of the theft starting. (Typical software engineer, working for two companies and trying to hide them from each other!)

  • On top of working as a software engineer for Google and the CTO of a Chinese AI startup, Ding founded his own China-based AI startup focused on training large AI models with supercomputing chips.

This next one may be the craziest part of the whole story…

Another employee was scanning Ding’s access badge at Google to make it look like he was in office the whole time he was actually in China!

How the heck did no one notice?!

The FBI seized all of Ding’s electronic devices and uncovered 500+ files containing stolen confidential information.

Speaking of report cards, Ding gets an F. Uploading confidential files to the company you work for?! Not exactly criminal of the year…


This Company’s Taco Shop Makes BANK

An image of a taco shop owned by Duolingo

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…It’s Taco Tuesday!!

And language learning ed-tech company Duolingo is taking TT to a new level. The company opened a small taco shop right outside its headquarters in Pittsburgh.

The idea started as just an advertising stunt and a way for diners to practice speaking Spanish.

But it gets even cooler. Customers get a chance to partake in the “Español Challenge” where they can get discounts of 10-20% on their food. You can even win a free item.

Now, the shop does almost $700k in revenue!

“Through her menu, Chef Marcella Ogrodnik explores the culinary heart of Mexico City, which is itself a melting pot of cuisines from Mexico’s 31 states. From street foods like tacos al pastor, to regional antojitos like esquites, and traditional plates like barbacoa de borrego, with every dish we aim to celebrate Mexico’s proud culinary heritage.”

The shop actually has great reviews too! 4.8 stars on Google from 172 reviews. One X (Twitter) user said “Best tacos I’ve had in the US.”

We’re sold and our flight is booked to Pittsburgh. Diners, Drive-Ins, and Drives, but for company cafeterias.

Every. Company. Needs. A. Taco. Shop.

Check out their menu and pics of their food. Looks fuego!



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