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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

We just added a new section to Office Party - “Party Poopers” where we find ridiculous stories about hiring, LinkedIn, and more.

Each week, we’ll highlight the absurdity of the biggest Party Poopers we can find. You’re going to love it…actually, maybe you’ll hate it (but at least they’re funny and absurd).


🧼 From janitor to billionaire

🍔 SON OF A…baconator?!

🗓️ 6-day workweek…

And, of course, MEMES!


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This Janitor is Now Worth Billions

We love a good rags to riches story.

Su Jin Lee began his career in the travel industry near the bottom of the totem pole; working as a janitor at a motel.

Step 1: Gain industry experience

Step 2: Leverage it into a BILLION dollar company

His experience inspired him to launch Yonolja, a hotel booking site that now has over 57 million downloads.

Lee is now worth over $1.2 billion. He says his observations as a janitor gave him a leg up in tailoring the platform to its customers.

Now, the company has expanded well beyond travel booking. It even has its own AI software for other hospitality platforms.

💡 Lee’s message to employees around the world is to be observant of everyday problems in the workplace.

We’re always only one idea away from a promotion, job offer, or even a ticket straight to the top!



SON OF A…Baconator?

“Yes can I please have a son of a baconator”

AI: “Sorry, please repeat that”

“Yes a son of a baconator please”

AI: “Great, one chocolate frosty coming right up!”


Wendy’s is rolling out a new AI-powered drive-thru ordering bot using FreshAI.

And it’s getting mixed reviews.

There’s nothing more frustrating than speaking to a customer service bot that gets things wrong. But this one actually does seem to be pretty accurate.

The bad news: This could potentially replace THOUSANDS of jobs.

We’ll have to wait and see how this one plays out…


range of a salary from $1 to $1<

Is there anything worse than ridiculous salary ranges?!

“You could earn $1. But you also couuulllldddd maybe earn $1,000,000”.


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6 Day Workweek?!

Right when everyone thought the 4-day workweek trend was gaining some momentum, a big tech company had to come along and ruin the fun.

Samsung recently told executives at the company that they’ll be required to work 6 days a week for the foreseeable future.

The South Korean-based company is calling it an “emergency measure” in response to economic uncertainty (sharp depreciation of South Korean won) and underwhelming company performance in 2023.

On the bright side for Samsung, they recently just reclaimed the top spot in global smartphone shipments from Apple.

More green texts, just what everyone wants…

"Considering that performance of our major units, including Samsung Electronics Co., fell short of expectations in 2023, we are introducing the six-day work week for executives to inject a sense of crisis and make all-out efforts to overcome this crisis.”

- Executive at Samsung

The new schedule is effective immediately across all divisions. Executives will have a choice of coming in on either Saturday or Sunday.

South Korea is known for its intense work culture.

According to a report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average South Korean worker spent over 1900 hours at their job in 2022, ranking 5th in the world.

At least Samsung’s non-executive workers are safe…for now!

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