🎉 25% of workers laid off... 😔

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Good Morning Party People! 🎉

70,000 Burning Man attendees were stranded in the Nevada desert this past week. Talk about a party gone wrong.

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Here’s what we got today:

😔 Barstool cuts headcount by 25%

🏢 Affordable hiring

🦾 AI takeover

🏈 Tom Brady’s resume?

And, of course, MEMES!

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Barstool Cuts 100

Barstool Sports just laid off 100 people, accounting for 25% of the company. Here’s what Founder Dave Portnoy had to say about the cuts…

I’ve been very clear. Anybody that’s paid attention, we are going to have layoffs and cuts, and they’ve started and it sucks.

Portnoy has gone on the record saying that Barstool is “losing a lot of money”. This comes after Portnoy regained control of the company following its breakup with Penn Entertainment. He went on to say that those still with the company need to buckle up — “People have to step the f—k up”.

The Crunchbase layoff tracker estimates that 169,000 tech employees have been laid off in 2023. However, the number of tech employees laid off each month continues to decline.

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The AI Takeover…

The number of English-language job postings mentioning GPT has increased 21x since November 2022. Given that hardly anyone knew what ChatGPT was back in November, this makes sense.

But the AI “experts” are also out in full force. The number of LinkedIn user profiles that have added terms like “AI” and “ChatGPT” has increased by 75% each month. Every month, a fresh batch of AI experts are created.

According to LinkedIn’s Future of Work Report, here’s how executives are responding to AI:

  • 51% of executives are excited but don’t know how their orgs will leverage AI

  • 47% agree that AI will increase productivity

  • 44% are planning to increase their use of AI

But only 4% plan to reassess roles and reduce headcount as an impact of AI on their workforce

Good news. The droids aren’t taking over yet. Although, 4,000 workers were allegedly replaced by AI back in May.

For more on AI in the workplace, check out the LinkedIn Future of Work Report.

Tom Brady’s Resume?

NFL Football season begins today. And for Thomas E. Brady, Jr., it’s the first time in 23 seasons that he won’t be on an NFL roster.

Someone dug up his old resume (how do people find this stuff?) and it’s awesome. Festival Park Security, Golf Course Sales Rep, Intern for Merrill Lynch. Looks like that of a typical 21-year-old dude.

Tom Brady's resume is...

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For those that don’t know, Tom was a 6th-round draft pick out of college (out of 7 rounds). He wasn’t expected to make it, and now, 7 Super Bowl rings later, he’s widely considered to be the best Quarterback of all time.

The ol’ resume offers quite a bit of perspective. He was actively applying for roles while in college. Tom probably didn’t even think he would make it in the NFL.

Imagine Tom as a finance bro (we could see it).

Amazing what can happen with some persistence, hard work, and a little luck. We love the feel-good stories at the Office Party.

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