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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

Oxford’s word of the year is “rizz”. If you don’t know what it means, ask your local Gen Z’er.

Here’s how to use it in a sentence:

“He totally rizzed up that interviewer, he’s for sure getting that job”


🤖 Meet your new robot CEO

💰 So no raise?!

🍔 McDonald’s in the McSupreme Court

And, of course, MEMES!



Meet Your New Robot CEO

Today’s episode of Black Mirror features a robot CEO and a Polish beverage company called “Dictador”.

Dictador recently announced that its newest Chief Executive Officer is a robot named Mika. Mika is an AI-powered robot that is “always on 24/7, ready to make executive decisions and stir up some AI magic.”


But here’s the good news…

Fortunately, she won’t be terminating any employees and major decisions will still be made by human executives.

Mika’s responsibilities include identifying potential clients, designing bottles, or selecting artists to hire and design for them, plus lots of data analysis and strategic planning.

At a recent event, Mika had this to say, “My presence on this stage is purely symbolic. In reality, conferring an honorary professor title upon me is a tribute to the greatness of the human mind in which the idea of artificial intelligence was born.”

Which is exactly what an AI CEO would say before taking over the world…

She has also already begun weighing in on other robot CEOs’ actions. Mika called for peace between Zuck and Elon saying they shouldn’t go through with the cage fight 😂

Pretty soon she’ll be challenging them both in the octagon.

Companies have begun to take up odd use cases for AI in the workplace. But this one might take the cake for the weirdest use case yet.


So No Raise?!

Wage growth has slowed as many companies have implemented hiring freezes, layoffs, and paused promotions over the last 12 months.

While it may seem like a bad sign, economists at Business Insider are saying it’s exactly what the country needs to avoid a disastrous inflationary wage-price spiral.

Average hourly earnings are up 4.1% YoY, which is down from almost 6% earlier this year. As the growth continues to slow, the Fed is less likely to hike rates again and we could move even closer to a pre-pandemic “normal.”

Even with slowing wage growth, workers are finally seeing their earnings start to catch up with inflation (allegedly - we’re not buying it).

Nick Bunker, an economic researcher for Indeed, put it like this, “raises are great, but if they don't get you any more purchasing power, that's not ideal.”

If you ask us, we believe you deserve a raise.


McDonald’s in the McSupreme Court

McDonald’s has asked the Supreme Court to decide on a case where former employees are suing because of their “no-poach” clause.

McDonald’s and their franchise owners have an agreement to not hire employees from other franchises until 6 months after their last day of employment. However, a group of former employees are accusing the fast food giant of a “per se” violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

(Approved July 2, 1890, The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was the first Federal act that outlawed monopolistic business practices)

The lawsuit, originally filed in 2018, ruled in favor of McDonald’s but the 7th Circuit Court ruled that they had done so too early and vacated the judgment.

Now, if the Supreme Court hears this case, it is sure to set some strong precedent on no-poach and non-compete agreements across multiple industries going forward.


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