🎉 How many jobs will be disrupted by AI?!

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🤖 Jobs disrupted by AI?!

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9 Out of 10 Jobs Will be Disrupted by AI?!

Will the robots take over?!

It’s no secret that AI will play a role in the workforce in the coming years, but the extent and areas affected may be surprising to a lot of people.

According to a report by Cognizant, GenAI will have completely shifted the workforce by 2032.

More than half (52%) of all jobs are predicted to be significantly impacted by GenAI integration into the workforce.

As a result, 9% of the current U.S. workforce is expected to be displaced, and a portion of the workers displaced will potentially struggle to find new employment.

“Adapt or die” - Billy Beane, Moneyball

The report analyzed 18,000 tasks that “drive the US economy” and showed that jobs from administrative assistants to C-level executives could be at risk of being obsolete (reminds us of the Robot CEO).

(These reports can be a bit overdramatic sometimes. But it does appear that AI is here to stay).

In the next 10 years, generative AI will flip historical norms of technology and automation replacing manual labor jobs.

“High skill jobs” and workers with advanced knowledge are the ones expected to be the ones competing with technology for their jobs.

Jobs involving credit analysis, computer programming, web development, database administration, and graphic design have a “theoretical maximum exposure” score of up to 50%, meaning half of their job tasks can already be completely automated by GenAI.

Within less than 8 years, that score is expected to climb to 80% or higher for some jobs.

Might make sense to learn how to use AI to become more efficient in your role.


LinkedIn’s New Tools for Jobseekers

Last week, LinkedIn announced the launch of new features that are aimed at helping job seekers navigate their job search more efficiently.


New features include an AI job application assistant, job preference highlights, and “Job Collections” which seems to have people most excited.

“Job Collections allows you to expand your job options and explore collections of relevant jobs across a variety of industries, specialties and companies that you may not have otherwise been aware of. To start, visit the Jobs tab on LinkedIn. Look for ‘Explore with Job Collections’ and click on any of the collections that align with your passion and interests, including jobs that offer remote work, good parental leave, or a focus on sustainability.”

Users in the US will be able to set minimum pay as a preference, which should incentivize job postings to include a salary so they get more views.

Here comes more salary ranges with absurd ranges ($40,000-$500,000 base pay).

AI in the job search is inevitable, so job seekers would be putting themselves at a disadvantage by not using it.

Using AI to help you > getting replaced by AI

That’s why we recommend filling out this survey to gain early access to The Office Party’s AI solution that will streamline thousands of job searches in 2024.


Job Applications Dropped

According to a study by iCIMS, total job applications decreased in the last three months of 2023 but remained up almost 30% from the beginning of 2022. Job openings, hires, and applications decreased by roughly 10% which is typical for the end of the year.

However, this trend may be indicative that job seekers are taking more of a sniper approach when applying for jobs.

In total, applications for full-time jobs are up 16% year-over-year. But applications for jobs over $100k were down 13% in Q4.

Overall, job openings and hires are down 10% since the start of 2022, even though applications are up.

In the same year-end report, iCIMS reported that 47% of job seekers preferred texting as their main form of communication.

(Now companies will ghost candidates over text rather than via email)

43% of Gen Z job seekers wouldn’t apply to a role without the salary posted.

This trend appears to be increasing as more states are also passing laws that require salary ranges in job postings.

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