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These Job Markets are BOOMIN’

We all know that this job market is a mess: fewer remote jobs, lots of layoffs, and thousands of applicants for every job posting.

But it’s not all bad…

Turns out, some up-and-coming cities might be having their moments.

(Ones you might not expect)

Below are the top 10 hottest job markets (via WSJ):

  1. Salt Lake City, UT

  2. Jacksonville, FL

  3. Orlando, FL

  4. Tampa, FL

  5. Oklahoma City, OK

  6. Miami, FL

  7. Austin, TX

  8. Nashville, TN

  9. Seattle, WA

  10. Dallas, TX

Pro tip: If you’re looking for a job this year, it might be worth filtering by these locations.

You’re probably thinking “Salt Lake?? Really?!”

“For workers, key draws associated with Salt Lake City include a satisfactory quality of life and swift access to the Wasatch Front's outdoor recreation, particularly among tech employees. Even as Salt Lake City's cost of living rises, they are still lower than the Northeast and the Pacific Coast.”

Adam Kamins, WSJ

Lots of open jobs. Great quality of life. Reasonable cost of living. SLC might be the new NYC.

Would you move to one of these cities for a new job?

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More good news from the broader job market…

Job creation smashed expectations last month, with a 303k increase in nonfarm payrolls, 50% higher than the Dow Jones estimate of 200k.

The unemployment rate dropped to 3.8% and the labor force participation rate climbed to 62.7%.

Wages rose an average of 0.3% for the month and are up 4.1% from a year ago.

Healthcare (72k) and government (71k) led the way in new jobs created.

People holding multiple jobs rose by 217k, equalling 5.2% of the total employment level.



The Walking LinkedIn Post

3 images of Davis Clarke

He’s locked in and has motivational quotes to spare. This finance bro is the human version of a motivational video mixed with an HR training video.

And people love him.

Meet Davis Clarke.

Davis is a Capital Management Manager at Citizens. Nearly every day, he posts motivational videos on his Instagram. And they’re generating MILLIONS of impressions while skyrocketing his follower count north of 600k.

He’s going viral. Over and over again.

If you aren’t familiar with Davis, his messages typically revolve around:

  • Working hard

  • Getting after it

  • Exercising

And “being absolutely locked in”.

This guy rocks. From shopping for oatmeal to prepping for monthly meetings, Davis Clarke has a way of hyping up even the most mundane tasks. And he’s not phased by the haters in the comment section.

Here’s what a few people had to say under one of Clarke’s daily “locked-in” posts:

  • “I genuinely can’t tell if this is a bit or not.”

  • “This guy reports his birthday money to the IRS.”

  • “I want to make fun of him, but somehow I’m inspired…?”

Come on, haters. Let the guy be locked in.

Despite the hundreds of thousands of followers, Clarke’s day-to-day life hasn’t changed a bit.

“Overall, I just want to try to do good things. Maybe at some points I do get too excited, too energetic, or I’m talking too much. But really, it’s all well-intentioned at the end of the day, and I never mean to hurt anyone.”


What started as a fun way to motivate people has become an internet sensation, and Clarke will be able to land pretty much any job he wants in the future.

What company wouldn’t want to hire a guy who’s a walking billboard of positivity?!


The AI Avengers

Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Cisco, and others aren’t exactly going from enemies to friends.

They have joined forces, however, to collectively train over 100 million workers over the next 10 years.

The AI Avengers group, which also includes Indeed, plans to release a report evaluating the impact of AI on 56 common tech roles and then provide training recommendations.

“AI is accelerating the pace of change for the global workforce, presenting a powerful opportunity for the private sector to help upskill and reskill workers for the future.”

Francine Katsoudas, Executive Vice President at Cisco

Here’s a brief overview of the collective agreement:

  • Cisco to train 25 million people with cybersecurity and digital skills by 2032.

  • IBM to skill 30 million individuals by 2030 in digital skills, including 2 million in AI.

  • Intel to empower more than 30 million people with AI skills for current and future jobs by 2030.

  • Microsoft to train and certify 10 million people from underserved communities with in-demand digital skills for jobs and livelihood opportunities in the digital economy by 2025.

  • SAP to upskill two million people worldwide by 2025.

  • Google has recently announced 25 million euros in funding to support AI training and skills for people across Europe.

The future is here!


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