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Here’s what we got today:

🔮 Is this the future of hiring?

💵 Better comp planning

🤖 Hot, new AI tools just dropped (LinkedIn) 

🎓 Recent college grads are unprepared?

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Is This The Future of Hiring?

Introducing the Roblox Career Center - where candidates can really explore what it’s like to work for the company. Gone are the days when applicants are directed to a plain website where they read corporate jargon about company culture. With the Roblox experience, candidates get to interact directly with employees, learn about product roadmaps, and more.

Here’s what the Roblox Career Center includes:

  • Immersive events with current employees

  • Interview prep resources

  • Podcast access

“Within the experience, candidates can learn more about the complex technical challenges we are tackling and the innovation we are driving through immersive events, podcasts, and conversations with Roblox employees. This is a new way for us to introduce what it’s like to work here, while helping candidates become familiar with our platform.”

Roblox isn’t the only company innovating in this space. Another company is using VR to train college graduates on what it’s really like to work in an office setting. Maybe the metaverse isn’t the future of work like Zuck and Meta once predicted, but maybe it’s the future of hiring? VR and immersive technology continue to accelerate, and the applications for hiring are untapped.

While many companies have in-person events and university recruiters, the Roblox Career Center breaks down geographical borders and opens up the candidate pool across the world.

You gotta admit, this is pretty cool!

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Today’s edition is brought to you by CandorIQ. A unified platform for compensation planning, employee total rewards, headcount spend, and approvals to win and retain top talent with operational excellence. Get better compensation planning.

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New AI Tools From LinkedIn

Hiring Just Got Easier

It was only a matter of time before LinkedIn hopped on the AI bandwagon. But these tools they’re rolling out are seriously cool.

Here’s everything you need to know about their new AI features:

  1. Personalized messaging

LinkedIn states that recruiters get a 40% boost in response rate when sending a personalized message to candidates. Their new AI feature allows for easier message-crafting.

  1. View more interested candidates

Nothing worse than chasing down uninterested candidates. The new update from LinkedIn helps Recruiters and Sourcers find candidates that are actually interested.

LinkedIn also has an AI-post function currently in beta. Soon, LinkedIn posts will be getting even more cringe!


‘Twas only a matter of time before LinkedIn rolled out some cool, new AI tools.

Read more on LinkedIn’s update here.

Recent College Grads Aren’t Ready For Work?

These darn kids and their participation trophies ain’t ready for the real world! Or so many business leaders believe…

A recent study conducted by Intelligent showed that 4 in 10 business leaders believe college grads aren’t ready for the workforce. Surveyed leaders cited work ethic, communication skills, entitlement, and technological skills as reasons why they would not hire grads.

These are the reasons attributed to their beliefs:

  • Culture

  • Parents

  • Pandemic

  • Educators

20% of surveyed leaders stated that they would “always avoid hiring college grads”. Another 27% would avoid hiring college grads “most of the time”. (Insert 5-years of experience required for entry-level job joke).

Kind of crazy to rule out an entire generation.

We interviewed a Gen Z’er to get an alternative perspective on this. Here’s what they had to say:

“These boomers be cappin’ fr”

There you have it, folks.

For more, read Intelligent’s survey.

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