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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

Good news: you might be getting PAID more this year.

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💰 Wages outpacing inflation

🚪 Should you delete Glassdoor?

✖️ X hiring is improving

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”Ex-Meta, Ex-Tesla, Previously: Harvard, Previously: LA Elementary School”


FINALLY: Wages That Outpace Inflation?!

Workers are about to get PAID! At least that’s what the majority of CFOs say.

A survey released by Gartner “indicates how tight the labor market is right now and how important it is to find and retain top talent,” according to a Gartner chief researcher.

(It is generally cheaper to retain talent than to look for new hires)

71% of CFOs are planning to increase their company budgets this year to allocate raises of at least 4%, which outpaces inflation in most areas.

The majority of CFOs (58%) said they plan to increase compensation between 4%-9%, while another 13% said workers will be getting raises of 10+%!

(Immediately books flight to Hawaii)

Compensation ranked second among areas where leaders are planning budget increases behind technology investments, which were a top priority for 82% of the CFOs in the survey.

(Apparently, there’s something called AI that lots of companies are interested in??)

Sounds interesting. At least workers will be back on the right side of inflation if companies follow through with these plans!

If we all get raises, just know, there will be signs…

“Yes, I’ll take extra guac and extra chicken on my burrito please”


Should You Delete Your Glassdoor Profile?

Glassdoor, the “anonymous” site where users can post reviews, ratings, and salary information about a company, just made a big change to their terms of service.

Now the future of the site may be in danger.

Glassdoor is now requiring users to sign up with their full name, job title, and employer’s name before being able to use the site.

(Maybe not so anonymous after all…)

Full names are also now displayed on user profiles, a feature that the company says is only visible to the user.

But people aren’t buying it…

Glassdoor users are saying that they won’t be posting to the site anymore, and some are even deleting their accounts over fears that their employer may see their honest reviews.

“I removed my posts and deleted my account to signal to Glassdoor that I will not support their decision to reverse course and destroy the anonymity of tens of millions of workers.”

Longtime Glassdoor user

The changes come after Glassdoor’s acquisition of Fishbowl, which is a similar that workers provide information about their compensation and experience at a company. Glassdoor says that while their policy is anonymity, their mechanisms for protecting users’ information “aren’t perfect.”

The CEO of a rival platform called Blind said he was disappointed to hear what happened to professionals on Glassdoor.

He told BI, "You shouldn't stop at being semi-anonymous — you have to let professionals be completely anonymous.”

Don’t think he’ll be disappointed about all the new users he’s about to get…

What do you think?

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X Hiring is Getting Better

Image of job postings on X

X (formerly Twitter… how long are we gonna have to say that?) has already become competitive with other major job sites.

The site is now claiming to have over 1 million job posts across all industries on its platform.

Now, they’re adding more filters to help job seekers search for jobs and streamline the job hunt.

7 months after the launch of one of Elon Musk’s most successful additions to the site, X Hiring is moving even closer to the job search giants like LinkedIn and Indeed. New filters will allow job seekers to search for jobs based on seniority, job type (remote/on-site), and more.

X also recently added a feature that allows premium subscribers to list open jobs on their personal profiles, similar to the “I’m Hiring” purple banner on LinkedIn. This addition is an alternative for recruiters or hiring managers who don’t want to pay the $1k/month for the company to post unlimited jobs.

Considering that less than 1% of the app’s users’ accounts are paying for a subscription, over a million jobs posted is pretty impressive!

It looks like Elon’s goal of creating the “everything app” is coming to the benefit of job seekers!

Check out the jobs on X here.



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