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📱 TikTok firings….

🗓️ January hiring data

🤨 Cuban controversy

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Employers Exposed on TikTok

There’s a new trend in the workplace…

Recently laid-off workers are taking to TikTok to share their experiences. And they aren’t a good look for companies.

Laid off without explanation. Laid off by someone they don’t know. Laid off without severance. Horror story after horror story.

These videos are going viral. Not just on TikTok either…they’re sparking discussions across all social media platforms.

Many are on the side of the former employees. Some understand where the companies are coming from. Either way, the companies don’t like it.

Now, employers are seeking help with delivering the bad news to avoid being publicly shamed…

Some companies are hiring OTHER companies just to help fire their employees so the TikTok pitchfork mob doesn’t come after them…

Onwards HR, a startup that specializes in helping companies with layoff logistics, says its customer base has grown by 300% in a year.

“You’re hired. To fire!”


“Onwards HR offers companies a centralized platform to standardize the layoff process, automate severance payments and enable smoother collaboration across HR, legal and finance teams. But customers want more than just technology, Sarah Rodehorst, CEO of Onwards HR, said. They want step-by-step guidance on how to have tough conversations with people who are being let go. Rodehorst tells her clients that they should allow every laid-off worker the opportunity to meet with their manager to ask questions. Meticulous planning is another non-negotiable.”

What a time…


January Hiring Data

Don’t shoot the messenger. January hiring was the lowest on record per CNBC.

Planned layoffs came in at over 82k for the month, a jump of 136% from December.

Tech and Finance were the hardest hit sectors (how many more tech layoffs can happen until we’re back to the stone age?!).

According to layoffs.fyi, 33,854 tech employees have been laid off across 134 companies in 2024. In January of 2023, 89,709 tech employees were laid off across 277 companies.

Down year over year, but still much higher than other years. And now other sectors are starting to feel the impacts of the economy slowing.

“It was the second-highest layoff total and the lowest planned hiring level for the month of January in data going back to 2009.”

Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal, and Google all announced substantial reductions in total headcount. Even food producers announced over 6,600 layoffs, the highest since 2012.

Summing up the job numbers:

  • Private payroll: +107,000 👍

  • Nonfarm payroll: +353,000 👍 (doubled expectations)

  • Initial jobless claims: +224,000 👎

  • Continuing jobless claims: +70,000 👎

2024 is not off to a hot start.


Cuban Controversy

Billionaire Mark Cuban just got a lesson on discrimination law from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) via their commissioner calling him out on Twitter (we still refuse to call it X).

Cuban, who was engaged in an ongoing beef with an account called @TheRabbitHole84, said diversity in hiring can be a “competitive advantage” for a company.

Andrea R. Lucas, Commissioner of the EEOC chimed in to refute Cuban’s point. She told Cuban that he was “dead wrong” before firing a series of tweets citing employment law to prove her point.

“As a general rule, race/sex can’t even be a “motivating factor”—nor a plus factor, tie-breaker, or tipping point. It’s important employers understand the ground rules here.”

POLL: Do you think gender and race should play a role in hiring decisions?

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We’re just wondering why one of the richest people on earth is beefing with a random, anonymous Twitter account.

Touch some grass, Marky Mark!


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