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💰 Meet the employee going VIRAL

🤨 Hiring pushed back?

🧑‍💼 College grads concerned about job security

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Meet the Employee Going VIRAL

An insurance worker in Texas has gone viral for his upbeat videos showcasing his “normal life” including his office routines.

And in typical viral fashion, the internet is divided.

Connor Hubbard, the 29-year-old internet sensation (better known as “Hubs.Life”) showcases his normal life on TikTok. And many people love it.

One viral video shows Hubbard getting dressed for his office job where he works in insurance at a Fortune 500 company. He then makes a protein shake for the drive to work, packs his laptop, takes the trash out, and stops for a donut on the way to work.

Actually, these are what most of his videos are like. Nothin’ crazy, just a guy with a job.

According to Hubbard’s bio on TikTok, he’s all about “normalizing the norm.”

“There is a false reality portrayed on today’s social media of what is considered normal and that is in order to be successful, you have to be your own boss, or that you can get rich quick. And what I’m saying is you can still be successful and still live a happy life with a normal job, working normal hours, and living a normal life.”

Wise words.

💰 But with over 440,000 followers and 18 million likes, many people estimate he’s earning more from his social media than he is from his “boring job”.

And, as always, the internet is divided...

  • “Dude is able to eat out 3 meals a day, only 10 min commute to work and only spends 6hrs a day at his desk. Seems like he’s winning”

  • “Dude is trapped in the Matrix”

  • “He has a good job. 3 meals a day. Nice house. Dog. Why sad?”

  • “People live in war-torn countries, and you think this is the saddest thig you’ve seen?”

  • “Wow. This is the emptiest life without any real purpose I’ve seen in a long time.”

  • “Office work ain't my thing, but the dude has what appears to be a decent house in a decent neighborhood, a well-paying job, a happy dog, can afford to eat out whenever he wants, drives a nice vehicle, has a relationship with his mom, and is married.”

What side are you on?

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Hiring is Being Pushed Back

graph of hiring being pushed to the back burner

Tighter budgets and higher expectations… HR folks and hiring managers are adapting to the fast-changing reality of today’s job market.

Unfortunately for job seekers, hiring is dropping on their list of priorities.

After the post-covid gold rush for talent, the demand has cooled off according to HR Dive’s “Identity of HR” 2024 survey.

Despite concerns of a recession because of massive tech layoffs, the job market has been relatively stable this year.

💡 Now, data from the survey shows that companies are trying to tighten the ships and maximize budgets going forward.

The percentage of HR professionals who cited hiring as their top priority dropped from 36% in 2022 and 24% in 2023 down to only 14% this year.

“Maximizing value within budgetary constraints” came in at #1 with more than a quarter (26%) of all respondents citing it as the number one priority. Culture (22%) came in at number two, followed by hiring (14%) at #3.

Experts say over-hiring during and after COVID is to blame for this trend.

💡 Even though slowing down on hiring is the general trend, companies are still hiring. Check out this list of companies that are actively hiring.


Nervous? So Are College Kids…

According to Monster’s 2024 State of the Graduate report, college graduates feel confident about receiving job offers soon after graduation.

However, fear of a shaky economy has led to worries about being able to keep a job going forward.

67% of graduates believe employers have more leverage to find the best candidates than job seekers have to find the best jobs.

(Up from only 56% last year)

Additionally, 77% said they’re concerned about job security and half said they doubt they’ll be able to find a job at a company they prefer.

Tough sleddin’

Many respondents said they anticipate having to make some sort of concessions such as accepting a lower salary or long commute.

Could just start a TikTok channel that normalizes the norm like our boy Connor Hubbard (see the above article).

85% said they applied for a job “out of desperation” even though they knew it wasn’t the right fit. The majority of recent graduates said the reason for applying to undesirable jobs is because they needed money/experience or were facing pressure from their parents.

It’s a tough job market.

💡 If you’re looking for a job, remember that it takes time. Keep applying, keep networking, keep conveying your value to employers.

According to a 2024 Robert Half report, hiring for entry-level predictions is predicted to remain steady throughout the year.

An executive from Robert Half says recent graduates and entry-level workers can drive innovation with new ideas and skills.

True that! Good way of looking at it with a glass Robert Half full!

(Don’t throw tomatoes at us)


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