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🎉 Companies are DITCHING this requirement...

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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

We have an exciting announcement tomorrow! Read on to learn more…

(Yes, this is an announcement about an announcement)


How long does it take to land a NEW job?

🏢 Companies are ditching this requirement

🙋 Feelin’ lonely?

And, of course, MEMES!



How Long Does it Take to Land a New Job?

The job market sure has been brutal, eh?

Many experts claim that the labor market is relatively strong right now, but many job seekers are still having difficulty securing a job offer.

Last month, Resume Builder conducted a survey of 738 recent job seekers who found employment in the last six months.

The results may surprise you:

  • 26% of recently hired workers found a new job within a month

  • 72% applied to 10 or fewer jobs

  • Two-thirds got multiple offers

  • 93% were very satisfied with the offer they accepted

🤖 46% used AI to support their job search (more on this in a bit)

It looks like people are having no problem finding jobs right?! Well, the headline may not tell the whole story…

Of the workers who found a job within three months, the top three industries where they found work were food and hospitality, retail, and construction.

Many of the roles in these industries are seasonal and/or low-wage.

So how are people finding high-paying jobs quickly?

This answer probably won’t be a surprise. AI.

🤖 Nearly half of the workers in the Resume Builder study leveraged the power of AI in their job hunt.

Here’s how they used it, specifically:

  • 65% resume creation

  • 54% interview preparation

  • 45% cover letter writing

  • 41% writing emails

“Understanding how and when to leverage AI in the job search process is crucial, as it can either greatly benefit or hinder your efforts. Mastering the use of AI tools to tailor and optimize resumes for specific job postings can significantly expedite the application process and yield more positive responses.”

- Stacie Haller, Resume Builder’s Chief Career Advisor

Tomorrow, we will be launching a NEW AI tool to help job seekers. It includes:

  • An AI career coach

  • Resume generator

  • Cover letter generator

  • Interview prep coach

And it can help you find the right job, write follow ups, optimize your LinkedIn profile, and more!

Make sure you’re on the waitlist so we can notify you about the launch.


Are you looking for a job?

We’ve got you covered.

Tomorrow, we will be officially launching Job Party, an AI tool to help you land your dream job.

image of the #1 tool for job seekers

And people are already LOVING it.

Here’s what one early user had to say…

“Job Party filled a major blank during my job hunting journey. Not only was the solution solid for my needs but it saved me a ton of time!”

Make sure you join the waitlist to be notified about the launch.


Companies are Ditching This Requirement

What if all of those ridiculous job requirements just…went away?!

Well, GOOD NEWS - they’re certainly in decline.

According to a May report from the Indeed Hiring Lab, companies are abandoning years of experience as a qualification in their job ads.

💡 Less than a third of job postings in the US asked applicants for a specific number of years of experience, down from about 40% in April of 2022.

Experts say the trend is likely a sign that employers are shifting toward skills-first hiring amid the labor shortage.

The percentage of job postings specifically targeting workers with no experience has also gone up since 2022.

(No more 7 years of experience required for entry-level jobs)

“Given the decline in both educational and experience requirements, it is reasonable to assume that employers are shifting their job postings away from traditional measures of job fit, perhaps toward the skills that are needed for the job instead. For job seekers, the changing landscape of job requirements is a sign to invest in skills and find ways to communicate proficiencies in the hiring process to pursue roles that were previously out of reach.” 

In April of 2022, 66% of job postings requiring a college degree also required a specific number of years’ experience. Now, only 44% of “high-education” job postings have experience requirements.

🎉 Good news for job seekers.


How long have you been looking for a new job?

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Are You Feelin’ Lonely?

Last year, the US surgeon general announced a loneliness epidemic that reaches into the workplace.

💡 Since 2020, time spent in meetings has tripled, leaving less time for coworkers to socialize. 

According to the National Institute on Aging, social isolation has a higher mortality rate than drinking six beers or smoking 15 cigarettes per day.

You hear that bosses?! Your boring ass meetings are killing people!!

The rise in prominence of remote work certainly plays a role as well. Over 40% of remote workers say they might go days without leaving their house, according to a study from 2023.

📍 But remote work isn’t the only culprit…office workers aren’t making the same friendships and connections they used to either.

In-office employees spend a quarter of every workday on virtual meetings, while in-person meetings account for only 8% of their time.

💡 Since 2018, the percentage of adults who identify as lonely has risen from 46% to 58%.

This is a problem for employers too, not just workers. Studies show that companies face much higher turnover rates when team morale is lacking.

Do you wish your workplace was more social?

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