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❤️ Beware of these hiring tactics

🤨 These employees do no real work

🖥️ Tech unemployment under 3%

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BEWARE of These Hiring Tactics

Companies that are struggling to recruit may want to take a closer look at their hiring practices…

In a survey of 1,200 job seekers (by Greenhouse), 53% said they experienced some form of “bait and switch” tactics in the job hunt, where the advertised role and responsibilities were significantly different than advertised.

We’ve all seen this. Maybe some of us have experienced this.

❤️ The same percentage said they’ve experienced “love bombing” in the job search.

This is when a company or hiring manager excessively praises and flatters the candidate, only to lowball them with a salary offer at the end of the process.

“WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You’re the perfect candidate. $30k take it or leave it!”


Experts say engaging in these shady recruiting tactics can make it near impossible to hire skilled candidates in the present and future because of the stain it leaves on their reputation.

“For applicants, the hiring process is the first glimpse into the company culture. How companies treat candidates is a crucial factor; most candidates want to work with a company that values their time, communicates frequently, and is transparent.” 

-Carin Van Vuuren, Greenhouse’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Another piece of the report said most job seekers view it as a major red flag if the company refers to themselves “as a family” at any point throughout the process.

Have you experienced anything like this during in your job search?

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Meet the Employees Doing “No Real Work”

No work?! High salary?! Sounds kinda nice…

In an interview published earlier this week, a Silicon Valley VC called Google an amazing example of a corporation employing people in “BS jobs.”

David Ulevitch, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, said Google is one of many megacorporations where tons of “irrelevant jobs” account for a large percentage of the workforce. He added that he thinks roughly half of the white-collar workers at Google do “no real work.”

Ulevitch was previously the CEO of a web-security startup that he sold to Cisco for $635 million in 2015. He says big tech companies could learn from the efficiency-focused nature of startups.

💡 Google currently has 182,505 employees. They laid off 12,000 people in 2023 and thousands more in 2024.

“A bunch of the people can probably be let go tomorrow and the company wouldn't really feel the difference. Maybe it'd even improve with less people inserting themselves into things.”

The Google vendetta is real.

Now where exactly would one look to find these high-paying, prestigious tech jobs that don’t require any real work?? Asking for a friend.

"The good big companies are overstaffed by 2x. The bad big companies are overstaffed by 4x or more.”

How many people does it take to run a search engine? Apparently 180k or so!


image of man proposing to a woman

Ah yes, proposing and B2B sales. So similar! So many lessons!


Tech Unemployment Under 3%

🎉 New numbers just dropped, and it’s good news for tech workers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national unemployment rate for technology jobs dropped to only 2.8% in April.

This trend could be trouble for employers scrambling to find tech talent as such low unemployment rates can increase demand and spike wages!

Cha-Ching for anyone looking for a job in tech!

Experts say a big reason for the trend is the declining degree requirements in the tech industry.

💡 In fact, nearly half (46%) of job openings in April didn’t require a 4-year degree.

For some roles such as IT, the vast majority of job postings didn’t mention a degree. Companies are willing to pay top dollar for whatever tech talent is left, and most roles.

Job seekers: take advantage while you can!


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