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The BEST Companies to Work for

GlassDoor just released its top 100 list of companies to work for based on employee reviews.

Unsurprisingly, the top companies share similar themes such as opportunities for career advancement, flexibility, good pay, and transparent leadership.

These companies seem to get it right.

Overall, the tech industry leads the way claiming 31 spots in the top 100. Consulting (12), finance (11), and retail (10) were the other top sectors, according to the list.

The list uses pros & cons about a company as well as an overall score out of 5 to rank them in order. In-N-Out came in at number 6 with a score of 4.6 (their fries get a 1.6).

Here are the top 10 large companies to work for in 2024 (with links to their GlassDoor pages):

1. Bain & Co. (4.8)

2. NVIDIA (4.7)

3. ServiceNow (4.6)

4. MathWorks (4.6)

6. In-N-Out Burger (4.6)

7. VMware (4.5)

8. Deltek (4.5)

9. 2020 Companies (4.5)

The full list of 100 top companies can be accessed here.

At Office Party, we are working on our list of “Worst Places to Work” in 2024.

Send us your recommendations 🤣


New Dating App Just Dropped?!


Love is in the air! And what better place to find a date than LinkedIn?!

Just when you thought LinkedIn couldn’t get any more cringey…

According to one user, it’s becoming more and more common for men to “slide into her LinkedIn DMs.” But she was quick to point out that it may actually have some advantages over other dating sites.

Right away, you can get a pretty good idea if someone has a stable and successful career, and also their level of education. It’s also much harder to have a fake account.

*Changes education to multiple Harvard online certificates*

Many feel that this isn’t professional at all. But if you do want to get a gauge on someone’s education and work history, what better way than checking their LinkedIn?!

Social media is just one big dating app. Any type of social media where you can see people's pictures can turn into a dating app. And LinkedIn is even better because it's not just showing people's fake lives.”

(She must not be familiar with LinkedIn influencers)

Would you go on a date with someone from LinkedIn

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AI Training in Schools

2024 is already shaping up to be the year of AI. OpenAI just rolled out its app store, multiple companies have created AI wearable devices, and companies are hiring aggressively for AI talent.

Last month, a bill was introduced in Congress that could shape the future of workplace dynamics. The Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act has drawn bipartisan support and endorsements from major universities, corporations, and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The legislation would make grants available for K-12 schools, colleges, nonprofit organizations, and libraries to support ‘AI literacy.’

“Investing in AI literacy is not just a technology imperative; it’s a strategic investment in work, workers and workplaces. By empowering our people to understand and leverage AI, we unlock its potential to drive efficiency, innovation and sustainable success.”

-Emily Dickens, SHRM Chief of Staff and Head of Public Affairs

According to a recent report, 70% of workers say they regularly use AI in the workplace, but less than half received any guidance or training from employers.

While the bill has support across the board, some critics are worried about job security down the road. However, supporters of the bill say employees shouldn’t fear that AI will make their jobs obsolete; they argue that upskilling and training will only make them more valuable since worldwide adoption of AI in the workplace is inevitable.

We’re here for it.

Read more here.


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