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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

ICYMI - the slightly dystopian company, Neuralink just announced that a patient of the brain-chip-implant company played chess with their mind (completely hands-free).

Just what we need…computer chips in our brains.

Mental inbox full of 30,000 cold/spam emails.


🧑‍💼 The BEST career advice you’ll get

🤖 Company sued for AI lie detector

🤔 Would you take this job?

And, of course, MEMES!



The Best Career Advice You’ll Get?

A new study from Workplace Intelligence and INTOO revealed something that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone; a lot of people have bad bosses!

In a survey of 800 HR leaders and 800 full-time employees, career development support is a top priority for workers across the board.

And nearly half (47%) of Gen Z workers are turning to AI instead of their supposed “mentors.”

Workers of all ages are struggling to get the career advice and support they need. 63% of employees feel like their employer cares more about their productivity than their career development.

(Which makes sense from a business perspective, but in a time where companies are struggling to retain talent, you’d think it would be in their best interest to make sure employees feel supported)

More than 3/4 of workers say they’ve received bad career advice, usually from their own managers!

Employee: “How can I get promoted?”

Boss: “Go talk to HR”

HR: “Have you tried talking to your boss?”

More than 50% of workers say they feel completely alone at their company in terms of career development.

But it gets way worse…

Another 25% (and 44% of Gen Z) say they plan on quitting in the next 6 months because their company doesn’t support career development.

Fortunately, we’ve got some good news for workers who feel stuck in their careers.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a personalized AI career coach, resume optimizer, CV writer, and interview prep coach starting at only $19/month.

This revolutionary all-in-one platform will permanently change the way people look for jobs. If you’re thinking about finally looking for your dream job in 2024, get a huge advantage on the rest of the talent pool by joining the waitlist for early access to Job Party!


Company Sued for AI Lie Detector?

image of a candidate in an interview

A former job candidate is suing CVS for their use of certain HireVue Inc. tools during online job interviews. Massachusetts law prohibits the use of lie detectors in hiring and employment.

HireVue itself boasts on its website that the technology can assess a candidate’s integrity and give employers a way to make faster and more informed decisions about who to hire. Labor law and AI experts are worried that tools like this, even with good intentions, may lead to discrimination and bias.

“HireVue is an artificial intelligence and human resources management company headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. Founded in 2004, the company allows its clients to conduct digital interviews during the hiring process, where the job candidate interacts with a computer instead of a human interviewer.”

Wikipedia (yes, we use Wikipedia sometimes)

Massachusetts isn’t alone in having a law against lie detectors in the workplace; there is also the Employee Polygraph Protection Act, which is a decades-old federal law, basically prohibiting the same thing, only the language is specific to polygraphs.

A HireVue representative said the technology doesn’t analyze anything visual or tone of voice, but rather only uses machine learning to analyze candidates’ transcribed answers to interview questions.

But are they lying?? 

Last August, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission settled it’s first “AI bias” lawsuit where a company tried to screen out candidates aged 40+. The outcome of this case (Baker v. CVS Health Corporation) could set an important precedent going forward.


Would You Take This Job?!

Who doesn’t love a good game of hypotheticals?!

And it appears that no one loves a deeper, existential version of this game than Airbnb founder Brian Chesky.

One of his favorite interview questions to ask candidates is…

“If you had a year left to live, would you still take this job?”

Now, there’s clearly an answer they’re looking for. An answer that increases your chances of landing the job, and an answer that likely disqualifies you…

“Yes, in my last year, I’d love to work for Airbnb!!”

Has existential crisis mid-interview

But it may actually be an important question to ask yourself.

“Am I doing meaningful work that I’m excited about?!”

What do you think of this interview question?

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