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$100k job postings lowest in a decade, the latest in layoffs, and a company that’s providing AI training for all new hires.

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📉 White-collar recession

✂️ Latest in layoffs

🦾 AI training for all new employees

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$100k Job Postings Lowest Since 2014

chart with hiring rate data

Another case of the rich getting richer! And by “richer” we mean Indeed and LinkedIn premium accounts!

The US is in what experts are calling a “white collar recession.” Despite the lowest unemployment rate in decades, job postings for roles paying $100k+ are at the lowest since 2014.

According to data from iCIMS, women are more likely to get hired for these roles, despite being less likely to apply. Some experts have hinted that DEI incentives are to blame for this trend, but a 2014 study shows that it may just be a case of “shooters shoot!”

The study revealed that most men will apply for a job if they meet 60% or more of the listed requirements, while most women will only apply if they believe they meet all of them. Keep sniping those high-paying roles, ladies!

One thing that everyone can agree on is that men and women are more likely to land high-paying jobs if they leverage the power of AI in the job hunt. Next week, the most advanced AI toolbox for job seekers will become available to the public.


Companies are pivoting away from noncompete agreements since the FTC ban. Here’s how they’re working around it.

Employees are staying put at their jobs… for now

How can we reach this guy’s level of success?


Latest in Layoffs, per MacroEdge

  • Atomic Golf - a Top-Golf style location in Las Vegas - laid off hundreds of employees this weekend due to “lack of business levels” causing financial difficulties.

  • Takeda Pharma is laying off around 650 employees.

  • EV-maker Lucid will eliminate around 400 employees, or 6% of its workforce. They must be taking notes on Tesla!

  • Bombardier Recreational Products is laying off hundreds of employees - its second round of job cuts - as boat purchases come to a standstill.

  • The Venetian in Las Vegas announced a round of layoffs for corporate employees. Circus Circus announced a similar round of layoffs including employees at all levels.

  • Pfizer has rolled out a new $1.5 billion cost reduction program which will likely result in thousands of job cuts.

  • Walmart announced 1,472 employees in Texas will be laid off this summer.

  • TikTok will terminate over 1,000 employees, with the first round of cuts beginning last week.

  • Layoffs under Swiss banking giant UBS's cost-cutting program will take place in five waves this year starting in June, with around 30-35,000 employees affected in total.

  • Pixar Animation Studios will eliminate 14% of its workforce. You got a friend in JobParty.AI!

  • Accounting and ‘advisory’ major Grant Thornton is laying off 3.5% of its workforce.

  • Chesapeake Energy, a top U.S. natural gas producer, began laying off hundreds of employees today.

  • John Deere will undergo another round of layoffs, affecting hundreds of employees.

    chart with job cuts data


JPMorgan Chase Training All New Hires w/ AI

AI skills are the golden ticket for any job seeker or employee looking for a promotion in 2024. But those skills are only important for people that work tech jobs like software development and IT, right? Wrong!! At least in the eyes of the biggest bank in the United States.

According to QZ, Chase has made it clear that they want to establish the bank as a leader in the space. Company president Daniel Pinto said the technology paired with the training will be “very, very impactful” for the bank’s 60,000 developers and 80,000 operations and call center employees, which make up about half of Chase’s total headcount.

“This year, everyone coming in here will have prompt engineering training to get them ready for the AI of the future.” 

-Mary Erdoes, head of the bank’s asset and wealth management division.

According to Pinto, AI use cases at the bank are roughly valued at between $1B-$1.5B.

Chase hired a head of AI research back in 2018 and currently employ 11.5% of all existing AI talent in the banking industry, according to a report from Evident.

For job seekers, Chase may be a great company to take a mid or entry level job as a stepping stone to learn AI skills and become a valuable asset to any company moving forward!


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