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💸 Companies are paying $900k for this skillset

⚖️ Hiring at scale?

🤨 Nearly 40% of Hiring Managers lie?!

🔍 Jobless claims are falling

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Companies Are Paying Up To $900,000 For This Role

If you go on X or LinkedIn, everyone is an AI expert. Well, it turns out, there aren’t that many AI experts in real life. And companies are paying the big bucks for the real talent.

In the midst of the actor strike fueled by AI fear, Netflix recently offered up to $900,000 for an AI-focused role. The job requires that the employee uses AI to “create great content” (just what we need, AI-generated actors on Netflix).

This certainly doesn’t quell the actors’ fear that their likeness will be used by AI. And actors aren’t the only ones scared that they’ll be replaced by AI. Back in May, 4,000 workers were replaced by AI.

Here are some other companies offering serious money for AI talent:

  • Hinge is hiring a VP of AI - $398,000

  • Amazon is hiring a Senior Manager of Generative AI - $340,300

  • Capital One is hiring a Distinguished AI Engineer - $325,700

  • Walmart is hiring a Senior Manager, AI - $252,000

Since the start of 2023, AI job listings have quadrupled on Indeed. More and more companies are starting to require basic familiarity with AI tools too.

Read more here.

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Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

36% of Hiring Managers admitted to lying to candidates in the hiring process. Wow. And not only did Hiring Managers admit to doing it often, 80% believe that lying is “very acceptable” at their company.

The survey, conducted by ResumeBuilder.com interviewed 1,060 respondents responsible for hiring new workers in their current role. While this isn’t necessarily reflective of ALL Hiring Managers, it’s still alarming.

It’s not uncommon for job descriptions to be misleading either. Many JDs have ultra-wide salary ranges, the responsibilities are ambiguous, and they’re prone to hyperbole. In fact, 52% of respondents admitted to lying in the job description.

Here’s what the survey respondents frequently lie about:

  • The role’s responsibilities (40%)

  • Growth opportunities at the company (39%)

  • Career development opportunities (38%)

  • Culture (31%)

  • Benefits (28%)

  • Financial health at the company (26%)

  • Compensation (24%)

So, basically everything. (Respondents could select multiple categories).


Read the survey here.

Jobless Claims Are Fallin’

Jobless claims continue to fall, which is a positive sign for the job market, and an indicator that layoffs have slowed.

“Applications for unemployment benefits dropped by 11,000 to 239,000 for the week ending August 12, down from 250,000 the previous week, the Labor Department reported Thursday”

The July Jobs Report was also promising for the job market. 187,000 jobs were added last month.

The broader job market has not been a good indicator of the health of employment in certain industries, tech in particular. 228,566 tech employees have been laid off in 2023. Although this number is high, the layoffs in the tech industry appear to be subsiding too.

Read the DOL report for more.

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