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Good Afternoon Party People! 🎉

The great AI wars are heating up! It was recently announced that Elon Musk is suing OpenAI for breach of contract

And another company just announced that AI is doing the work of 700 employees (more on that later).

But if there’s one thing that AI can’t replace, it’s this Party in your inbox!


🦾 700 workers replaced by AI?

👎 Mass layoffs gone wrong

💭 6 career questions to ask yourself

And, of course, MEMES!


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700 Workers Replaced by AI?

Last week, Klarna announced that their integration of OpenAI’s chatbot is doing the work of 700 live agents.

In a month since the launch, the chatbot has handled 2.3 million conversations, roughly two-thirds of the company’s customer service inquiries.

Klarna claims the chatbot’s service is equally as satisfying as human interaction, based on ratings. They also said AI is handling customer issues more quickly and has led to a 25% decrease in repeat inquiries.

BUT…it gets juicer…

In the middle of 2022, the company laid off ~700 employees. Oddly specific number, eh?

Klarna claims no relationship between the layoffs and the oh-so-great chatbot. But many are skeptical about the efficacy of the chatbot.

One user took to X to discuss the quality of Klarna’s AI support bot.

“It’s… underwhelming. It recites exact docs and passes me on to human support fast.”

Regardless, Klarna’s move doesn’t ease people’s FOBO (fear of becoming obsolete).

The press release from Klarna did mention that while the chatbot has proven to be just as efficient as 700 live agents, customers do still have the option to interact with live agents if they prefer.

How many times do you have to yell/type “REPRESENTATIVE!!!” before getting to a real person?

How worried are you about AI and your job function?

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Mass Layoffs Gone Wrong

Vice Zoom meeting

Last week, executives at media company Vice thought it would be a good idea to announce their plans for mass layoffs over a company-wide Zoom call. What could go wrong?!

Employees reacted by throwing rotten tomatoes at the performers on stage (metaphorically of course).

Attendees flooded the screen with dislike 👎 emojis…so many that the executives were forced to end the meeting.

Literally BOO’d off the stage.

“It’s impossible to ignore the emojis, from my side. [We will] organize this in a way where we can actually give the information to people who want to receive it in the way it’s meant.” 

-Vice CEO Bruce Dixon

Dixon’s comments caused another emoji eruption before he decided to just end the meeting abruptly.

Layoffs are never funny. But when it’s raining thumbs-down emojis, you have to laugh a little…


6 Career Questions to Ask Yourself

Harvard Business Review recently came up with a list of important questions that professionals should ask themselves about their careers.

Career experts say workers should view the inflection point of their careers as “a profound opportunity for growth. It’s a chance to reevaluate your priorities, draw from your experiences, and carve out a path that aligns with your goals for the future.”

Here are their top 6 questions to ask at the midpoint of your career:

  1. What will I regret not having done or learned 10 years from now?

Even though “regret” may have a negative connatation, it can be a powerful teacher. A little bit of foresight can help make decisions that your future self will appreciate!

  1. How do I tap into my purpose?

It’s easy to be influenced by so many external factors early in a career. Everything from parental pressure, societal norms, or pressure to conform to common notions of “success.” But caving to that pressure is likely to leave most people feeling unfulfilled and ultimately burned out and stagnant in their careers.

  1. What mastery or gift have I developed that I can offer to the world?

By the midpoint of a career, most people will have accumulated lots of experience, insights, and maybe even some battle scars. It’s important to reflect on the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired and consider how you can use them to make a positive impact on others and the world as a whole!

  1. What do I want my days to look like? 

On the beach. Margarita in hand. Kidding!

This one may be the most important. Too many people get caught up in only looking at the big picture from a bird’s eye view. It’s critical to think down to the micro level of what you want your daily routines and responsibilities to look like.

  1. What trade-offs am I willing to make — or no longer willing to make?

It’s natural to second-guess choices made early on in your career. But it’s ok to make decisions that make sense according to your needs and priorities at the time. But priorities can change quickly and it’s important to always take them into account. You may have to make more, or different, sacrifices. And you also may not be willing to compromise on other things such as flexibility or the option to work remotely.

  1. What’s getting better about my life?

Lower energy, fading memory, back pain, etc. are common challenges with getting older. But rather than dwell on them, HBR says workers should instead focus on things they’ve gained as they’ve gotten older. “One study showed that people with positive self-perceptions of aging lived an average of 7.5 years longer, on average than those with a negative outlook.”

For more, check out HBR’s report.


Finance was once regarded as the most stable, lucrative field. Maybe not so much anymore!

See ya later, soul suckas!

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